Would you like to have the Halo 3 Ranking system for Halo AV?

Would you like to have the Halo 3 skill system for Halo Anniversary or the Halo reach ranking system online?

I would say the Halo 3 more skill based system that makes it’s much more hardcore and makes that everybody can’t reach the highest rank.

Its very easy to boost on H3 but actually I think it’s eaiser with Halo Reach cuz u rank on firefight, campaign, even custom games… well not much points from that hehe.

Halo CE Anniversary gonna be great as long they not take in AA:s in the game like jetpack and sprinting but well they have already confirmed it… It will be like the old Halo feeling and not like Reach:)

Sorry for my english speaking im from Sweden!

Halo CEA’s Multiplayer is on Reach, they will not change the ranking system, if you want Halo 3’s Ranking System, the game is still online and playable.

so will it be AA:s on Halo CE:s multiplayer…?

Halo CEA’s multiplayer is Reach, just adding 7 maps