Would You Like This in Halo 4

I think it would be good if 343 made Halo 4’s MP ranking like Halo 3 and you earn credits that don’t affect your rank and go towards armour. Here’s how this would work: If you win you get 1 xp point and x amount of credits based on your number of kills, betrayals, points scored (objective gametype only), a bonus if you have the most kills/points at the end of each round/game, etc. and if you lose you get 0 xp and a few credits based on performance and if you quit or get x amount of betrayals you get -1 xp and 0 credits. The xp would go towards your rank and the credits would go towards your total (like what we have now) and can be used in a Reach-like armoury (helmets, chest piece, etc) I think that this is a good way to mix both the Halo 3 and the Reach ranking systems