Would you like this game mode

Disclaimer: I did not come up with this idea, I merely copy and pasted it as somebody suggested. All credit goes to it’s rightful owners.

Ok, first of all I would like to say that this is a new game mode, not the entire multiplayer experience. It gets it’s own special spot on the main menu, along with forge and theater. This game mode would have to have large teams, probably like 20 vs 20, and it would only be possible with dedicated servers, due to lag.

So this is how the game begins. I can’t find the thread for it but somebody came up with the idea of spawning in a UNSC cruiser(or a Covenant one) and entering the battlefield with a HEV. I like this idea. So the game starts off with both teams in a UNSC cruiser. You have to find a HEV pod and go down to “The Perfect Map”

“The Perfect Map” is a map, imo, that utilizes everything. That means every weapon, and vehicle. That means that the map must have large open areas for snipers, vehicles ect… but, it must also have tight areas where the shotgun would be the best weapon, and everything in between. It would be a hard map to make but I believe Bungie would be able to pull it off.

When you enter the map you will start off with normal team slayer. The score will be 200. Once you’re team scores 200 kills, you will be given a bomb, and you must finish up the game with a game of assault. However you will ONLY be given the bomb if you reach 200 kills. If blue team has 200, but red team only has 150, then the red team won’t be given a bomb. Once red team also get 200, the get their own bomb.

Now there has to be a few twists. A big one I think would be adding Campaign scoring. so every time you kill somebody you get points, and you get more points when you get medals. Now obviously these points can be used for bragging rights, but maybe they can do more. Ok lets say you were doing really good, you just got a killing frenzy, but you died. You have a lot of points, because you got 10 kills, and not to mention the medals. So you spawn in the cruiser, but instead of going straight down, you go to a weapons shop. With those points you can buy a secondary weapon. Now I bet the thing I just said probably made 50% of the Halo Reach forum’s population get mad, but just bare with me. These weapons would be expensive, so even though you got 10 kills, maybe you only have enough points for a Battle Rifle, or Carbine. In order for you to get a sniper, you would have to have way more points. However to keep it fair you can only buy 1 weapon at a time, so you can’t go down with a sniper and rockets. Don’t worry though, there will still be weapons on the map.

Now if you have been reading this far and aren’t mad at me, you might like what’s next. Ever been in the position where you need a vehicle, except you can’t find one. Well I think we should be able to call in vehicle drops, from a pelican. You would obviously call in the drops using your points. So lets say I called in a pelican to drop me a mongoose. I would have to hold my position, for 30 seconds, until the pelican comes. If I die, the pelican will come anyway, and drop the vehicle, anybody would be able to take it.

So that is the basic of the mode I am thinking of. Obviously there are problems with this idea, like communicating with a team of 20 but people have said a squad system might work. So yeah, this is my idea, and tell me what you think.

Posted by: AbruptArc
To sum up on what people have said, i have came to a list of posts i found while reading through the thread that i thought i might put into a list also adding some of my own ideas to it. Although i might miss some of what the past posters have said, i have come to the conclusion of adding what i could find to the list hopefully helping the thread starter to summerise what everyone have said.

Urine competent’s idea
in simpler words {weapon stashes where you open after a certain amount of points gained, obtainable only to you like on call of duty world at war when fighting the zombies you have to buy the guns on the walls}

FlapjacksNsyrup’s idea
in simpler words {you have a time limit on the cruiser that once reached will activate some kind of device, killing you and after each time you die your waiting period is extended}

SOULREAVER868’s idea
in simpler words {once dropped onto the map you stay on the map and when obtaining weapons, instead of the shop suggestion made by Urine you call in weapon pods from UNSC or Covenant after a period of time while waiting/ as well as making more then one perfect map}

in simpler words {map which can be made for all types of gameplay such as vehicles, snipers and CQB/ snipers for open areas but when in close combat are easily disposed by CQB and CQB disposed by vehicles also when assaulting the enemy, instead of destroying the enemey ship from the out side you destroy it from the inside}

DJAMESB’s idea
in simpler words {well its as he said, “tournaments” and once done with your fight you wait for the others to finish theirs as you spectate their match}

Crnic99’s question
What happens if you get lasered while in your HEV?
Answer: well i would think it would be able to withstand lasers and rocket launchers.

Torch105’s idea
in simpler words {squads and instead of UNSC against UNSC, something more along the lines of gears of war where you are aligned to either locusts or humans but fitted for halo style as in elites or spartans}

General Lagalot’s idea
in simpler words{other objective games, and point costs for opening bases}

Pocket Syndrome’s idea
in simpler words {implementing a pelican? or a hanger bay?}

Brent A G’s idea
drivable pelicans and longswords, also being able to hit HEV pods when in the air knocking them of course and maby hitting vehicles land and air alike}

he11 Off1re’s idea
in simpler words {islands and water based vehicles}

j4acowboy’s idea
in simpler words {a person who watches over the team and giving them the required items they need and destroying the enemy ship objective mode}

LogaSpartan227’s idea
in simpler words {the choice to be a spartan from a majority of the team who votes for you if bungie makes multiplayer without spartan models}

XXshotgunnXX’s idea
in simpler words {a certain amount of time before being attacked by an enemy ship from which you must leave when sirens go off or else you are killed by an explosion}

lolsandwhich’s idea
in simpler words {squads automaticly formed, land base and space ship starting point and laser disignator} {in another post, ship fighting but with grav lift/teleporter that has a 10 sec interval and a certain time limit before shielding of the defenders ship are turned off so once a match is finished the defenders “if not destroyed” defeat the attackers}

SpartanChief65’s idea
in simpler words {land/space assault with space/air vehicles that you need to fly over to the enemy ship/ land base to destroy with a bomb}

Sinomen Frao’s idea
in simpler words {some kind of “last stand” vehicle that is free of point cost which would help against the enemy team if they gain the bomb}

LinkLegend0’s idea
iin simpler words {spawning with weapons earned by the amount of medals/points you have achieved}

cris[chicken49’s idea
in simpler words {customizable armor that you have to buy and each armor has it’s own special properties}

In conclusion to the posts i read i have decided on my own suggestions as well as adding some of the posters ideas to the list, well here goes:

1.For people who would stay on the cruiser the entire game, i like the idea of flapjacks from where they die after a certain amount of time but combined with soulreavers idea of where a enemy ship attacks the cruiser making you die and respawn on the map below.

2.Also once landing or spawning on the map you hear an explosion of where the cruiser you were on is destroyed and crashes of into the background as well as the enemy ship flying off into the distance.

3.Maby instead of weapon stashes we have weapon drop pods in which your weapon you have chosen on the ground from a sub menu is placed in the pod and sent from the cruiser you were first placed on before dropping to the ground in a HEV pod. Also implementing vehicle drops as others have suggested.

4.More vehicles such as longswords pelicans, walkers like in halo wars, scarabs, submarines etc which would make for a challenging game since it would involve staying covered from flying vehicles, running into buildings from a land vehicle, trying to swim to shore while running away from sea vehicles or maby flying down to the atmosphere of the planet you are orbiting from within a space vehicle while trying to evade pursuing enemies.

5.I also like the idea pocket syndrome said as where you have a hanger bay from which you can retrieve a vehicle to drive off onto the map below, just thinking of the feeling you would get as you slowely descend onto the ground from the hanger bay while watching as you see others behind you or from the enemy cruiser doing the same, it makes me want this to be implemented even more.

6.Objective modes such as ship assault, one bomb, ctf, slayer etc.

7.Some kind of last stand vehicle that does not cost points as sinomen suggested.

8.I also like the idea of where you spawn with weapons earned from badges or points but also implementing the weapon pods as you might not like the weapon you have but would like to spend some of the points you have gained on a weapon or vehicle lowering the chance of gaining a good weapon the next time you respawn.

  1. If assuming logaspartan’s idea of bungie making us normal odst/marines then his suggestion may work as it involves the entire squad to choose their spartan for one life.

10.Finally squads, i think squads may work in some cases as for when most of the squad has a mike so the squad members may talk to each other and by pressing a button like left on the d-pad to talk to other squads. This would make for some really good battles seeing as it involves in alot of strategising but may work againts the squad since maby the squad members may have no mike. Also lolsandwhich’s idea is good on the part of where you are automatically assigned to squad since it may get a tiny bit hectic when coming to the part of squad choosing. Such in many circumstances you may hear the following “nah i only want my friends in this squad” or “i don’t like him, don’t invite him to the squad” those are just two of the many comments people would now and then say, which would slow down the gameplay.