Would you like this as future DLC from 343i?

The following derives froma Bungie.net forum and should be taken into deep consideration. Thank You.
Notice: This thread is now about the discussion of possible ideas for a future Halo game. If you voted needs improvement, could you post what needs to be improved?If you voted no, what didn’t you like about it?
“Posted by: Henners101
Would the Flood haters mind saying WHY they hate the flood at least, and maybe consider that although you don’t like the flood, you may like other things about the DLC, like the Flood-themed Forge World, Containment? No fighting flood there, just cool infected pieces of equipment.
And before damning this DLC, actually read the thread!!! FIREFIGHT AND MULTIPLAYER ARE NON-CANONThe Firefight and Multiplayer maps would not be on Reach; they would be on either one of the Halos or some other Flood-infested area. NOT REACH
The price that I have suggested is only a GUESS!I have no idea about what the actual pricing on something like this would be
Thank you to all of you who have helped contribute to this thread, especially the following:
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Silver Sol Los
Name of DLC: The Flood:Part 1
Price: 1200 Microsoft points
Includes Flood Firefight, Firefight maps, and Multiplayer maps
~Flood Firefight-Play as either a Spartan or an Elite with A.I. allies against endless waves of Flood
~3 Flood-themed Firefight maps (a Small,a Medium,and a Large map)
~6 new Firefight commendations added
~Flamethrower added to the ordnance list
~2 Flood-themed competitive map (a Small and a Medium map)
~1 Flood-themed Invasion map with gametype (Large)
~Incineration Spree
~Burn Baby Burn ~Hot Damn!
~Sole Survivor
~All of the above suggested by: Flargus617
~6 new achievements
Name of DLC: The Flood:Part 2
Price: 400 Microsoft points
Includes Armory updates and Flood-themed Forge World
~Gravemind Firefight voice (200k,Recruit to unlock)
~343 Guilty Spark Firefight voice (200k,Recruit to unlock)
~The Arbiter (Thel Vadem) Firefight Voice (200k,Recruit to unlock) Suggested by: Ender Ghost
~Foe Hammer Firefight voice (200k,Recruit to Unlock Suggested By: bloodysteel gun
~Flood Armor Effect(700k): “Posted by: USArmyRanger7RB
Flood juices drip from your armor, and when you die one flood infection form comes out (but just pops after 1 second)”
~Green Visor Color (150k, Major) Suggested By: s1995 Plus Tax
~Floodish Green Visor Color (100k, Lt. Colonel,Must unlock Green Visor first) Suggested By: Flargus617
“~Shatter Visors:
Visors would have cracks in them like in Lone Wolf, but would only be seen from the outside andnot the inside.
Shattered Silver-20k (must unlock Silver visor color first)
Shattered Blue-25k (must unlock Blue visor color first)
Shattered Black-50k (must unlock Black visor color first)
Shattered Gold-125k (must unlock Gold visor color first)
Shattered Green-75k (must unlock Green visor color first)
Shattered Flood Green- 50k (must unlock Flood Green visor color first)”
Suggested By: fatpanda46
~Flood Arm (Sort of like the robot arm) Suggested By: BigMakk
~Forerunner Combat Skin(s)
~Chest Piece with pulsating Flood “bubbles” Suggested By: Flargus617
~Forge Characters: Suggested By: Vladimir Zeikhen
-Warrant Officer
-25k cR
Sentinel Major:
-50k cR
-100k cR”
~Biological Hazard Symbol emblem added Link Provided By: Osqutin
~Gravemind emblem added Suggested by: Dragrath
~Mendicant Bias (Pre-Flood alignment) Emblem added
~Mendicant Bias (Post-Flood alignment) Emblem added
~Offensive Bias Emblem added
~All Bias Emblems and Links Suggested and Provided By Osqutin
~”Posted by: Rising Phoenixo
Broken armor pieces with flood infection emerging.
Wrist or Utility can have partially combined infection forms attached.
One or two armor permutations infected by flood.
~1 Flood-themed Forge World map (Includes new objects,FX,etc.) Suggested by: xICYxMonkeYx34”
~Incineration Spree
~Burn Baby Burn
~Hot Damn!
~All of the above suggested by: Flargus617
~Flood infection form Avatar item.Unlocked by killing 1000 Flood Infection forms across your careerSuggested by: Flargus617
Name of DLC: The Flood:Part 3
Price: 800 Microsoft points
Includes Flood mini-campaign
~A Flood mini-campaign:
~A remake of 343 Guilty Spark with Reach’s improved graphics inspired by USArmyRanger7RB**
_~”Posted by:USArmyRanger7RB
A bonus mission called Awakening:you play as a Marine on Installation 4 (Halo: CE) and you fight the flood.”
~Awakening Plot Line (See third post)
~Sacrifice Plot Line (See third post)
~1 new Campaign commendation added
~15 new achievements
~Incineration Spree
~Burn Baby Burn
~Hot Damn!
~All of the above suggested by: Flargus617
Please no flaming,

I would love the flood arm… Sounds really awesome.

The flood arm and shattered visors would be what I would really want to see. I think in Halo 4, they should make a “cure” to flood infection, but it is still in it’s experimental stage so it can’t completely cure the victim of flood infection.