Would you Like the Next Halo Game to Have an Online Multiplayer Simulator?

I’m sure that most of you know the skirmish mode from Halo Wars, or combat training from black ops, those are online MP simulators.

This mode will allow players to play in multiplayer maps against AI opponents, this will be good for beginers and even for the good players.

It could be added in the custom games lobby as a gamemode called Spartan Training, it will contain one default gametype from each of the gametypes of the game, for example ST Team Slayer, ST Infection, ST CTF (ST stands for Spartan Training), and the only differece is that it will have AI to play with.

The AI difficulty can be adjusted and they will be:

Easy -The AI doesn’t work together, they will most likely rush you and have a sloppy aim.
Normal -The AI uses some teamwork and can remember some power weapon spawns, however they don’t know the times and their aim can be bad sometimes, they are still likely to rush you for the kill.
Heroic -The AI works as a team and knows the map pretty well, they might strafe in 1 vs 1 battle and surprise you, the also know which weapon to use in each range, their aim can be pretty good, but they might still miss their shots sometimes, they might rush in the wrong situation, but are less likely to do that.
Legendary -The AI knows everything about the map and every weapon spawn and time, their strafe will be near to perfect and so will be their aim, they will always have 1 person supporting one another, so they know when to rush and when to stay as a team, or when to rush as team.

Imagine playing against AI and firends in infection customs in your own map, just imagine the possibilities.

Would you like this? are you against it? why would this be good/bad for Halo?

Feedback is most appreciated.

I love this idea, it would help forgers test their maps, have silver members experience online play, and make customs be even more fun.

I don’t see any negative sides with this idea, noobs can get better by training here and can play with their firends here, the thing is that they don’t rank up or unlock anything here, and for that they have to play in matchmaking.

You described MLG pros in the legendary dificulty lol.

I hope 343i considers this idea.

Only problem that might occur would be the data limit of the disc, because of the AI and memory space needed for this mode. Remember that games like Halo Reach has got a lot more content than say, Halo Wars and BO, and thus uses more disc space. I also doubt that one would be able to test forge maps, because the AI can’t understand them. They are pre-programmed to understand the existing spaces. If they were to be used in forge maps, the AI had to be adaptive, and well, that’s not something you put in a game. I actually doubt that the disc has enough memory for a single adaptive AI, even if you took out all other content.

Great idea! but I read that something like this wouldnt work on forged maps because the AI wouldnt recognize the new scenery and weapons. I dont know if this is true or not though. Even if this is true it would definently work on the default maps.