Would you like the MA5K Carbine for halo 4?

Alright in halo CE we used the MA5B, in halo 3 we used the MA5C in halo reach we used the MA37. The only assault rifle in the MA5 series we haven’t used is the MA5k. This is the MA5K for those who don’t know. I would love it if in halo 4 we could use this awesome weapon. Like find it inside the Dawn after it crashes or if the leaks/rumors are true find it in a UNSC building idk. So share your ideas and thoughts about the MA5K and or other weapons you want for halo 4.

i think it would be a good idea to use more than one.

maybe but i like the AR that we know and love

What about the Halo:CE AR and the Halo 2-3 AR
Halo CE AR has a bigger clip but fires more slowly
Halo 2-3 AR fires more quickly,but deals less damage.