Would you like the MA5K Carbine for halo 4?

Alright in halo CE we used the MA5B, in halo 3 we used the MA5C in halo reach we used the MA37. The only assault rifle in the MA5 series we have’nt used is the MA5k. This is the MA5K for those who don’t know. I would love it if in halo 4 we could use this awesome weapon. Like find it inside the Dawn after it crashes or if the leaks/rumors are true find it in a UNSC building idk. So share your ideas and thoughts about the MA5K and or other weapons you want for halo 4.

I wouldn’t mind seeing it in Halo 4. Exactly HOW it would function, though, now that’s a different story. seeing as how it’s a carbine I’m pretty sure it would be less accurate. Thing is, the exact physics of the rifles in the Halo games are shaky at best, considering that bullpup rifles, with their extended barrels that run through their whole body, are designed to have full long-range capabilities, even the small ones (e.g. the Israeli Tavor rifle). As well, considering the size of an MA5C in a Spartan’s hands makes me think that an MA5K to the MC would be like an SMG to a marine. This is probably a stretch, but, it leaves dual-wielding as a potential option. I wouldn’t mind seeing the K in a title, but, I think it would be a more viable option in something more similar to an ODST-esque game (I’m still hoping for a game exploring the ORION Project, though, so that could just be wishful thinking on my part).
But, as far as cool weapons go, there are tons of other things to work with here; you’ve got the experimentals, like the HSR (Hard Sound Rifle, a sonic weapon used by the UNSC for assassinations) and the Stanchion, (which is a portable, one-shot gauss rifle), as well as all of the other military weapons like the HMG rifle (heavy machine gun) and all of the M6 series (which includes another carbine) to consider here. At this point, though, I just don’t have enough info on those weapons to know whether or not there would be a proper place for them in the game. I hope that answers your question.

wait that was the MA5C in 3? i thought it was the MA5B

Like the idea.

That gun looks awesome.

> wait that was the MA5C in 3? i thought it was the MA5B

So did I untill this week :slight_smile: