Would you like see the flood in this game?

answer yes or not

No because I don’t think they’re good enemies to begin with. They’re basically just bullet sponge enemies that are not fun to fight compared to the Covenant

No. They had their time in the original trilogy, and are largely considered to be the weakest parts of it. They’re a boring enemy at best and a frustrating one at worst, and since the Prometheans likely aren’t going anywhere, that’d lead to a crowded three enemy factions.

Yes and I’d love to see them fight Prometheans. Those would be battles I’d wait out and fight whoever wins. I just hope if they return, they’re left as a surprise so I can be creeped out again when they show up.

Yes please. They are the reason the Halos were created in the first place. From the very beginning they were a central component of Halo and Halo feels like it’s missing a piece of itself without them.

I dont see why so many people are against them. I mean the flood is one of the foundations of the Halo universe. The prometheans fought them and lost, the humans fought them and well… the prometheans stopped the humans instead of working together. The humans fight the flood again and… beat them? I mean, idk. I think it’s highly unlikely that ALL of the flood are completely gone in the entire Halo universe after the events of Halo 3. And I feel like there is another grave mind somewhere as well.

They are an extremely annoying enemy to fight, but so are the prometheans. Seriously. The knights are annoying as poop and those stupid crawlers drove me crazy when they swarm you, 20 of them shooting you all at once. And dont even get me started on the friggen Warden Eternals.

To answer your question, i think itd make Halo both more challenging and interesting to have yet another enemy added to the game. Story wise, it could go either way, depending on how they bring them in.

YES. And get rid of the Foreunners. I hate them.

Yes, but I have my doubts they’ll appear now. The Created still hold some pretty immense sway in the storyline. Best way to look out for them before launch is when the official ESRB rating when it’s released. If it says “blood and gore,” the flood will appear. Any other FPS Halo title without them just says, “blood.”

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> YES. And get rid of the Foreunners. I hate them.

Yeah that’s definitely not happening. 343 isn’t going to get rid of one of the main enemies they created. The main focus of halo 4 and 5 were both on the forerunners. Trust me. I get it. Extremely annoying enemy, bit it’d make absolutely zero sense and completely ruin and destroy anything 343 built up by taking their main enemy out of game and story

Yes, but only if they are an integral part of the story, not something tacked on like in Halo Wars 2. They wouldn’t need to be the primary antagonist but maybe a subset of them. I’m curious if the new threat we will be facing are the Precursors. It would be interesting to see the interactions between the Precursors in a pure form and the Flood as their degraded unintended form.

I would like to note that I never liked the idea of the Precursors as the sources of the flood. I preferred it when an enemy/threat has no explanation of who they are or where they came from. Makes them a more dangerous threat not just physically but mentally as well. Something that required the Forerunners to literally burn the entire universe down to stop them. My thoughts has always been if you can define and quantify an enemy/threat you can more easily defeat it. However, if you have no idea who or what they are or where they came from, it makes them harder to defeat and more of a threat.

I hope so, as long as it feels natural with the game’s story. There’s Flood samples on all the Halo rings, so something would need to happen to trigger their release.


Yes. They add to plot and gameplay complexity. Plot-wise, the Gravemind is a very intriguing character and a great antagonist. We could potentially even get something like Halo 3’s mission where there was a temporary alliance again. The Flood’s goals and willingness to ally with enemies to manipulate and get this goal makes them very interesting and watching how the faction maneuvered situations in Halo 2 and 3 was great.

I know that the Flood is kind of controversial gameplay-wise because of the repetitive nature of their horde tactics (and the annoying endurance of certain types in Halo 3), but I think this can really be ironed out to make the Flood a more likeable enemy. Or possibly, they could put them in only certain situations and have no Flood-only missions so that their repetitiveness can be avoided.

Bring on those scary looking things.

We need the Flood Juggernaut to appear in Halo Infinite so it can finally appear in one of the games of the main Halo trilogy sets of games.

Personally? No. At least, not as a major enemy faction. Maybe some easter egg Flood like Flood in stasis chambers, or a level where you enter a small quarantine area looking for a macguffin and fight your way through a limited outbreak. But I don’t really want the Flood to be a major part of the narrative for Infinite.

Yes, because it would actually do something with the plot thread of Cortana and the Logic Plague.

Oh, and I just like fighting gribbly space zombies.

I wouldn’t mind them being back in the mix of things. However, I wouldn’t mind them never coming back either. I mean, they are a very unique race/enemy type, I personally don’t think they are boring and are pretty interesting, especially in their sound design. They give me the creeps but in a good way. I remember playing Halo: CE on my friends Xbox and I was about 9 years old when I first played Halo: CE. I remember playing the first level that introduced you to “343 Guilty spark”. Watching that cut scene of Jenkins and Sgt. Johnson was super creepy for me at the time and yet I wanted more! Long story short, the flood have a very unique place in the Halo Franchise, especially in lore, so I’m kind of on the fence but more or less leaning towards a Yes! for my answer.

Absolutely, getting mixed up in a fight between Prometheans and Flood is just too good of an opportunity to pass up.

Halo is at its best when you have complex encounters with multiple factions where you can bring the whole sandbox to bear. Not getting to see a dedicated anti-Flood faction actually fight Flood would be a big disappointment after all this time.

While I do like the flood, making them return will need a very good justification other than high demand. Think about it the story to the casual and general Halo audience was quite conclusive. I am aware that Awakening the Nightmare is a thing but even that was very conclusive. I will admit though there really isn’t any enemy in the sandbox (Maybe the H4 Watchers) that fills a similar role like the flood infection forms did.