Would you like Campaign DLC?

Halo is no stranger to having DLC, from the original trilogy to Reach and Halo 4. Halo Wars 2 brought some DLC, including the Campaign DLC, Awakening the Nightmare. This was the 1st time Halo had really done Campaign DLC, and those who got it where generally fine with the way it was done. Now, this is all hypothetical, but would you be cool or ok with Infinite having Campaign DLC? I’m not talking the ending or important story segments chopped out and held behind a paywall only to be sold later. This would be small little pieces of story to expand upon a little bit on things after the events of the main Campaign, as well as give little hints and teases of things to come in the next game. What’d you think, would you like this idea?

I don’t know. I could see it ending up like Spartan Ops did, where it develops all this extra story content only to have it abandoned later when 343i realise that most players have missed it entirely.

I’m not sure if I’m keen on the idea of paying for it, but I did really enjoy the awaking the nightmare DLC in HW2. Even had BLUR cutscenes and it’s own OST. If it’s well done, then maybe

I don’t think so. Halo wars was a completely different type of gameplay compared to the actual master chief storyline. Not as actual campaign DLC but maybe something similar to halo 4’s Spartan ops and you can go on different types of missions. So it would have its own DLC lobby to go play in and not interrupt with the main campaign.

Only if that DLC is enjoyable, affordable, and continues the story but isn’t held back information to be resold to us later on. A few games I won’t mention by name have done this in the past; selling the game marketed as $60+ and then several months later “oh hey! Here’s some quality DLC content for only $30!” and dataminers had already figured out that ‘DLC’ was meant to be shipped with the final product but was ripped out to be resold.

Absolutely. Halo 4 tried it but Spartan Ops was just not exactly of the same quality as the rest of the campaign and the awful achievement for doing the whole 50 levels solo legendary kinda ruined it. Keep in mind that ODST was basically a campaign DLC. Something like that would be perfect, a concise story with enough content to take our time up but not so much that it gets repetitive or boring.

Yes. So many players only play the campaign, why not have campaign based DLC ? It has to be DLC though, not withheld content drip fed as DLC.

I think if Infinite has DLC it should not be heavy on story like Awakening The Nightmare was, more like a Halo 3:ODST was, more to the side but still important

As long as it provides a unique experience and doesn’t feel like it was taken out of the main game I’m down for DLC.

I’m thinking more H3 ODST here, side-stories not involving the Chief directly basically. And honestly why not? Especially if the main campaign is fun to play and centered around a good story, I would love to have more SP content. Especially over a Gears (of War) 5 like Grind-fest with temporary unlocks and overpriced stores! :stuck_out_tongue:

No. While I dislike downloadable content in general as it’s rarely preserved physically, at least things like skins and multiplayer maps can be erased with server shutdowns with less lost than chunks of a story.

Imagine a movie where entire scenes were exclusive to a television channel that no longer exists. Unless you were there to see them or happen to find a recording of them, you’ll never experience them as they were never properly preserved.

Nearly every time that a Halo game adds DLC, disaster strikes! In Halo CE, I don’t even remember what it did so it obviously gave almost no value to the game as a whole. In Halo 2, I’m pretty sure that it was just some maps. In Halo 3, it was just some maps. In Halo 3 ODST, we got Johnson(it was worth the money). In Halo 4, there was SOME cool armors I’ll admit that, but a player should be able to get cool armors like the infamous MK V by simply grinding the game, remember how cool it was in Reach Customization to get a new armor simply out of grinding the game(see what I did there, Remember Reach)? In Halo 5 it was…MICROTRANSACTIONS! >:) I don’t think I need to explain based on my last point at Halo 4.

The ONE time we got good story DLC was Halo Wars 2!

What I want for Infinite as far as DLC is…ZIP! ZERO! NADA! ZILCH! NONE! NOTHIN! NOPE!

I would only like DLC if it was a cool story thing that is just a video game version of Halo:Shadows of Reach that has a decently sized campaign and is capable of up to 4 player splitscreen/online coop.

If there are story add-ons, they should roll out it updates and not cost money if they are small. If they are full quality new campaigns that we should be getting out of a Halo game maybe, but I can’t give a yes or no without seeing what they’d have in mind with something like that.

No, I would like a finished product without stuff held back for release later with false/misleading advertising.

Depends on where you’re going with this topic. If it’s a side story of certain significance like Halo Wars 2’s DLC campaign levels and Halo 4’s Spartan-Ops mode, I wouldn’t mind. Maybe focus around non-spartan personnel like Marines/ODSTs or a completely different faction involved.

I think that it would be cool in theory, but in execution they would have to put as much effort into campaign dlc as the actual campaign itself. They would need to have the same creative integrity so that it doesn’t suffer like Spartan Ops. I like Halo 4’s story, but the story to Spartan Ops was just kind of… there. Not necessarily bad, but just kind of meh.


If the DLC actually adds to the campaign rather than simply offering you content that should have shipped with the vanilla game, then I would be happy to see it in Infinite.

I think this is the way forward for Halo, Offering additional complete (not mini) campaigns that are around 8 hours or more. They don’t just have to add to the vanilla campaign, they can take the platform of infinite and add a new experience that allows you to play as yourself, like a halo reach experience that hopefully doesn’t feel cookie cutter like.

As long the original campaign is good on its own. I’m assuming we all want a full game by our own standards without things being patched in at later dates. If the game has a good story, and 343 have more content planed for later, sure I’ll buy it and add to my game.