Would You Like a Commando Starts Option?

The AR vs BR camps are, as we’ve proven since at least Halo 3, very dug in on their outlooks. Not much budging is done by either side.


I believe some variant of Commando starts can bridge the gap between the automatic and precision weapon camps, while encouraging that much desired “variety” I keep hearing about. The gun has a skill gap, but is essentially an automatic Carbine from previous games. It has the ability to work at long range, but isn’t as easy to land shots across the map. In this way, you alleviate the concern many lower skilled players have about being cross-mapped by BR’s all game, while giving the players who have more precise aim a weapon they can spawn with and use right off the bat instead of standing around at weapon spawns punching the wall.

If it was implemented, and I think it might eventually be tried in BTB, what would the ideal combo be?

  • No Commando Starts
  • Commando Only Starts
  • Commando/AR Starts
  • Commando/Sidekick Starts
  • BR/Commando Starts

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For BTB, I feel Commando’s and either Pistol or Assault Rifle would make decent starts, while replacing the Commando’s on the map with Battle Rifles.

The Smaller maps are fine with Pistol/Assault Rifle IMO. Maybe for new game modes they could try out Commando Starts for it specifically perhaps to test out the waters?

I hate AR starts in any capacity lol

I find them ok. Wither I use the Pistol or AR depends on level and how spaced out everything is. If I see enemies more often at a distance, I use the Pistol. If I keep encountering people up close, I use the Assault Rifle.

BTB maps I usually see people miles before they even get close to me so a Solid, but not top of the line ranged weapon would be a better starting weapon. Which is why I feel Commando’s can accommodate that well.

I like AR and magnum starts. All other weapons should be scattered around the map.

Personally, I like how rank doesn’t have a secondary.
I think the sidekick is so good with really any gun, specifically the assault rifle.

I would rather us have one primary start and in casuals the map needs to have only BR or only Commandos. I love my BR but the commando and BR…. Just aren’t on the same level as a mid-range gun.
I consider the commando to be a one up from the assault rifle.
I would love to have it be reworked to being a saw almost but keep the rate of fire the same. I would rather have the DMR as another mid-range to match with BR and Commando to be matched with AR.

I want more weapons, but I believe some need reworking to bring in the new. We should have a weapon update, maybe a flight with different cane modes to try new weapons.

Shot Guns - Should always be 2-4-6 shots if your reticle is right on the person. It’s crazy how you can beat down someone with two hits up close but you can’t kill him with a shotgun in two hits all the time. I understand if not all the spread goes into the enemy but in my situations and recordings it’s inconsistency. 2-3 shot up close and you can still get double beat down before then.

  • Classic shotgun needs a comeback. How will we make this work without breaking the system.
    The bulldog needs faster fire rate drop pellet damage. Classic can one shot up close but has a slow pump and reload time. 1-2 up close, 3-4 in that close-mid, 5-6 at the mid.

  • Fuel Rod, the OG rocket launchers counter part, they were already equal but different. One would do more splash damage, one would do more direct damage. They clashed but were equal.

  • Classic Plasma Rifle, slower per shot in comparison to the assault rifle but shredded shields faster vs AR shredding health faster. Where has it gone… Idk I want it.

  • Plasma pistol, yes it’s in the game but it needs rework. I’m not a fan of it not stunning vehicles anymore. But it if it did we would be in a worse situation then what we already are in BTB and future custom games.
    I’m over it and have accepted it, but how it traces, just awful, and inconsistent. It traces better with enemies at greater distances then closer ones. It misses the easier shots and hits the harder ones. Make it make sense, there’s a weird delay from visual charge up and firing immediately. Not a long delay but still there. It’s tracing needs to be worked on. Doesn’t need working for distant tracking but up close it should be hitting almost every time except when the enemy evades it properly. My personal experience they will just be strafing in place and it’ll swing behind them or go over their heads or just go completely soft and head straight to the ground.

  • **Shock Weapons, the pistol is great but sucks. How 343i balanced it so well, how it delays shields recharge and can still kill them after death. Direct punch sucks but it’s the actual shocking that makes it so nice. **
    **The shock rifle is a disappointment but not a bad weapon. I wish it was more of a DMR not a sniper. I wish it would be a counter to the BR but BR still does more damage per hit. **
    **I think the shock rifle and disrupted should be what the Sidekick and BR. In turn the shock rifle delay shields and can still have you killed after death similar to the disrupter. **
    **I also like how the shock weapons bounce off people and doing lesser damage the further distance it travels. I think it should take more shots to a vehicle to stun it as well but every other secret feature that the shock weapons perform that most don’t know about should stay. **
    This would ultimately make them so great and I would be so so excited if it was rebuilt this way.

  • Snipers - We need a replacement for the Shock Rifle which should be the weapon the shock rifle should’ve never replaced. The Beam Rifle, like why is it gone?
    Equal to the Human Sniper with Head shots, does less to the body but that’s because it has faster fire rate and ricochets.

  • The DMR, nothing to be said

I personally think these changes and bringing these iconic weapons to multiplayer and later editions to the campaign would be amazing.
Now I doubt the would do an overhaul on the shock rifle but I don’t know why it was consider to be a sniper rifle in the first place. Should’ve always been a DMR Variant.

Thanks for reading, I love to hear other peoples thoughts and opinions. What do you think they should bring to the game, any new weapon ideas or classics?

I don’t mind the commando as a weapon. But I really dislike unbalanced commando v BR starts in social. BR team is at a massive advantage as 95% of players cannot use the commando effectively

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