Would you have like to fight rebels?

On the level Winter Contingency, Carter and Holland are under the impression that Reach has become a target for rebels, and that they cut Reach off from the other colonies and Earth.

So, around a year and a half ago now, I was under the impression that? I’d be fighting rebels, if only for a tiny bit, maybe half the level, with some Covenant to mix things up a little…

Now, I look back and think ‘Y’know, that would have been really interesting!’ Mainly because I’d be fighting AI which are different looking, different-acting and also using different weapons, which has a profound effect on gameplay.

I just thought that this would have been fun, mainly because my favorite style of fighting is to go all guns blazing in a big ol’ clusterfeck!

So I ask, would you have liked to fight rebels, only for a wee bit during the Reach campaign?

So, nobody wanted to fight Rebels, then?