Would you guys be ok with a Remnant faction of the Covenant

Hey Halo Community would guys be ok if 343 brought in a Remnant faction of the Covenant into Halo Endless.
So we could get the Covenant versions of Vehicles,Buildings,Weapons,
And if so how should 343 introduce them into Halo Endless.

I think Elites need to be the main protagonist again, don’t care if it’s covenant or not. So tired of space monkeys. :speak_no_evil:

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Yes, because it totally makes sense.

I get that the Elites mostly disbanded from the Covenant after the Great Schism and were openly massacred by the Brutes on High Charity. But the Covenant is a galactic alliance and religion that goes back thousands of years. I just don’t think it’s reasonable for an entire species to just bail on their sacred customs so easily (regardless of proof that the religion is false).

And by proof I mean: A dishonored Fleet Commander spoke to Satan, I mean, Gravemind and the Master Chief, who is consider a literal demon, and was told that Halo is a death laser. I imagine not ever Sangheli was ready to believe that. And realistically, only a small sect of Elites (those on High Charity, and maybe the Spec-Ops units sent on suicide mission with Arby) should have reason to take that seriously. Maybe Ship Master did some convincing on Arby’s behalf, let’s be honest here, the Covenant should’ve split into 3 factions:

  • The Original Covenant, now led by the Brutes and Prophets
  • Arbiter’s Heretics that join forces with humanity
  • Disgruntled Sangheli expelled from the Covenant, but still despise Humanity
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No more Covenants please.

It just gives me vibes of First Order which only existed because we needed bad guys to hate.

Same with Jul’s Covenant, which were little more than Space pirates.

I’s rather fight an entire cult of Grunts who worship Yapyap or something, and they are all highly trained having been able to survive adolescence and are actually veteran grizzled fighters. Very Grunty weapons and vehicles and they are exceptionally xenophobic against all races due to years of slave like treatment in the Covenant.


Nah. Halo 4 and 5 already pooped this Remnant bed. Plus the Banished pretty much fill this same role anyway.

monke cannot be defeated

Grunt Goblin army rise up.

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I’ve fought brute chieftains, invisible elite assassins, and the flood. None of that scared me. But those grunt goblins…. I haven’t slept since halo 5…

-Master Halo

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