Would you ever play halo with bots ?

Every day I hear about some major tech company ( Microsoft google apple ) talk about launching bots. so It got me wondering when and if bots would enter the halo world. I’m talking bots playing as teammates or opponents. Maybe when population numbers get low. F.Y.I I’m not talking about A.I bots like the one in titanfall of warzone. I’m talking about having teammates as bots. Would u every play a mode like slayer with bots as your teammates or opponents ?

Halo with bots would be acceptable. They would just have to be moderately good, and not like terrible bots that just walk around not even trying to shoot. This would be great for solo, or just plain practice on 343 custom maps. At the same time, as far as AI, extensive scripting, and more goes, I doubt they will add it in Halo 5. Try suggesting this for 6 :smiley:

I would rather play against a human, but thats just my opinion

Outside of matchmaking sure.

I like that idea. Although I doubt it is going to be implemented in Halo 5.

I used to like this idea a lot. But these days, probably not.

When I played MCC, sometimes I thought there were bots in the game just because of how bad some people were.

I would absolutely love to be able to be in forge and spawn in an AI of an elite or grunt, choose what difficulty they are, what ally and enemy they are, and have it be an AI just like campaign or warzone. This would add something really cool to Halo

If they ever introduced a solo firefight mode with bots for Halo 6, with it’s own score and achievements. Yes I would definitely play that.

I’d like it. Personally I don’t like Gears of War multiplayer, but I can still set up a lobby of bots and put it on a high difficulty and still have a good time by myself. So if Halo were to do that I think it would be awesome.

I’ve been wanting to see bots for a while, yes. I remember back in the day using bots in arena shooters like Quake, Unreal, etc. as a good training exercise for learning the maps before going live against people. Would also be handy to have for when internet is down.

I’m waiting for Halo to introduce bots since… well, since 2001, basically. Playing in a team against bots was the way to go on our Xbox LAN parties, and weirdly enough, Halo was one of the only games that didn’t provide this option. So we mostly played Battlefront or XIII or TimeSplitters or other shooters, even though we never forgot the obligatory Halo matches. They introduced Firefight later on, but it’s just a poor replacement for having actual multiplayer bots available for all modes.

I think trying to design AI that actually fights the way human players do would push the AI forward a whole lot, because Halo’s usual campaign AI doesn’t really fight like someone who’s trying to survive or win a match, nor does it make human mistakes.

For example, you will pretty much never have a precision weapon “dance off” with Halo AI the way you do with human players, because the AI just doesn’t maneuver that way. They tend to stand in one place, then run in one direction, then stand still some more, and so on.

Likewise, convenant AI tends to not even use their own weapons in a way conducive to their own survival. When an Elite, Grunt, or Jackal has an automatic and gets cornered, they don’t hold the trigger to frantically hose you down, instead opting for slow single shots or bursts with no hope of stopping anyone.

Consequently, I would love to see 343i make UT-style bots for the next Halo game that manuever aggressively like human opponents, and actually try to control resources. Not only would this be handy for offline practice in multiplayer, but if this same intelligence were carried over to the campaign AI, it’d be far more engaging, intense, and immersive.

In short, I want to see Halo AI that actually CAN have precision weapon dance-offs with dodgy aggressive maneuvering.

Nah, doesn’t sound interesting to me. Never cared for the whole bot thing in any game.

Halo should have bots and AI in forge then I’ll be forever grateful to 343.

I remember the first time I played bots is when Call If Duty had them, my friend told me how great they where and he explained that they are useful for learning the maps and new starters.

I just kept thinking that’s what Campaign and Multiplayer are for. However, to eaches own.

Not a diss, just a opinion.

Having the option would be nice. it would be good practice and could really help with specific custom games that would thrive with the AI controlled enemies. And it would also be nice for players that want to play a specific map and game mode but don’t have anyone to play with. Probably too late for halo 5 but maybe halo 6

Hmmmm interesting concept, I guess it’s better than having no teammates but sometimes bots are so bad might as well not have a teammate lol

That would be pretty awesome!

I think it would be unique to play against bots but I highly doubt that’ll ever happen in a halo game.