Would upgrade from xb1 to newer console help with black rendering, resizing and other bugs?

Forging Halo Infinite on XBox 1 every time at some point most objects on the map will render partly or all black and the map is unworkable. Deleting a random object and undo (respawning same object) fixes the rendering problem for seconds or maybe a couple minutes. I also have problems manually entering object sizes. It just doesn’t accept numbers I input or will accept the number but the object doesn’t resize or reverts moments later. Or the number changes on it’s own by a couple tenths. These are the two things that are making forge unplayable but there’s many other problems I’ve encountered. Would a newer console with better processor make a difference (known as fact)?

You have a stock XB1? You will undoubtedly experience better performance on a XSX.

yep, original xb1 probably first day it was released. so i THINK upgrading to xbx with a better processor would help but i don’t know this for a fact. they cost >$500 so you know for a fact the xbx console would not have the same rendering issue? thanks, i appreciate it

I haven’t forged on the x1. I’ve not had any of these issues yet, but I haven’t spent a lot of time in forge on the series x either. So it might. I haven’t seen many posts about serious issues while forging on SX.

Sorry I have not played around with Forge yet so i cannot comment on that. But the base XB1 is the weakest of all platforms to be able to run the game.

You could upgrade to a newer console, but if you have Game Pass Ultimate you could also try streaming Halo Infinite with Xbox Cloud, instead of playing it locally.
This would mean a Series X in a Microsoft server farm somewhere is running the game and just sending you the video and audio.
Depending on your internet service and whether your latency is low enough, you might find it’s a big improvement over running the game on a base Xbox One

An alternative is to build a PC. I get the many reasons why you wouldn’t really consider this option, but it is the option I’d personally recommend.

I recently upgraded from my One X and many issues I experienced have been almost all completely solved. I still have some prefab issues but again this Forge is still in beta.

I’m using forge on the Seriess X and I’m seeing all the same bugs you’re talking about so upgrading wouldn’t help.

interesting alternative, thanks very much

I published this map to try it out on a 2nd xb1 and it has the same rendering issues. I tried forging some on this second xb1 and had the resizing problem but so far no rendering issues so I don’t know if it’s something specific to the map I built or the console or the version (xb1) of console. Another problem I’ve encountered on both consoles is that the button to switch from monitor to test doesn’t always work and you have to mash repeatedly, wait a few minutes or blow yourself up with grenades and respawn. It’s not an issue with the controller.

it’s published as “test render bug” if anyone has thoughts

it’s published as “test render bug”

Agree 100%. You can build a pc that’s far more powerful than a series x plus take advantage of the higher frame rates.

But if we’re being honest it’s hard to build a PC that’s as powerful as the series x for the same cost. It’ll be quite a bit more expensive to build a good one that will last for a long while. Which if course you can buy new pieces and upgrade it as you go.

That’s the draw of consoles. It’s a one time purchase that sets a standard and guarantees that the games that you purchase for it will work and you won’t have to pay anything really until the next generation. So about 6-10 years.

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True. But if you factor in the cost of Xbox gold/game pass ultimate every year plus the fact if you want 1440p@120 hz you may have to buy a brand new tv, it about evens out