Would u want playble elite or Brutes

1: for playble elite
2: for playble brutes
I Want both but really want playble brutes more, srry elite brothers i failed U. and invasion?

No. Im not interested in thier story archs.

Elites, but brutes would be pretty cool too.

It’s silly how we haven’t had the option to be an Elite since Reach.

I think playable elites should be a must for multiplayer but after what I saw in the trailer and the gameplay I don’t have much hope

All plus playable Promethean Soldiers.


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> All plus playable Promethean Soldiers.

Hell no, I want them to stay away

Elites, yes. Not really into having playable Brutes or Prometheans. Perhaps for Theather, mods or custom playlists, but not for regular MP.

So, 1.

Feel free to use the dedicated thread linked below