Would this even be possible?

Look, I know much has been made about the aim mechanics in this game, and I know I have made quite a few posts, voicing my dislike for the aiming in this game. But being told to just “stick with it, you will get used to it” by 343i, and then playing over and over again, and still hating it as much as I do, I wonder if there would be a way to just give us 2 different aiming settings, and letting us choose which one we want to use in Settings. I know they are supposed to release the update in December to let us fine tune things, but I’ve seen people on here with Elite Controllers who say that they still have problems with the aiming, so that kinda worries me.

So would it even be possible to have 2 different sets of aim mechanics in 1 game, for those that like Traditional Halo Games, and then keep this one for those that like, whatever this game is? I mean, I know they can change the aim mechanics through a patch but have already said they don’t want to “disrupt those that have already got used to it”, and I commend them for that single thought, but condemned them for changing the only thing about Halo that didn’t need to be changed.

What part of the aiming are you not liking?

It just doesn’t feel fluid, and smooth to me. Not like it has in past Halo games anyway. Right after I posted this I found an Elite Controller at a GameStop near my house, and picked it up. I’ve played a couple of games with it using the Smooth Sensitivity Curve, and it feels a little better, but not by much. After trying different things I think it has more to do with the decreased aim assist, which Halo has always had the right blend of. Because as it stands right now, I still can’t find the correct sensitivity to use, which I have never had an issue finding in a Halo game. If I set it too slow, I can stay on target ok at long range, but in close range I’m screwed. And vice versa. Perhaps maybe messing around with some other Stick Curve Settings will yield better results, but if I can’t find the right balance then I’m sure that there is no hope for me when it comes to this game.