would this be a better halo 4 multiplayer?

So heres some background of my halo career. Started on halo ce played all of the others. I’ve got a 2.0 k/d ratio and get perfections quite a bit. Basically I love halo and am not a noob:).

I love halo 4. Everyone knows its not perfect but what game is? 343 tried bringing something fresh to the table while keeping core elements that make halo what it is. That being said would this be a better halo 4 mp experience?

previous halos did something right. Everything you picked up was fought for. I love this concept. Ordinance drops are cool however kinda take away map control and cause frantic mayhem at times.

Imagine if halo 4 had been released as follows. everyone starts with magnum and slightly nerfed ar. Sprint is default however there are no aa’s. Weapons are back to their roots and placed around the map. However ordinance is changes to a 3 killstreak and gives you your loadout.

Aa’s wouldnt be as common, slowing the pace back down like previous games and map control as well as teamwork would still play a huge role in achieving victory. Also this still brings a ton of new stuff to the franchise. possibly a more balanced version of halo 4s multiplayer

Im no game designer so these ideas probably only sound good to me so please leave your thoughts on this idea:)