Would the UNSC have nuked the Covenant homeworlds during the war?

I think in Ghosts of Onyx they use a world cracker nuke to blow up a Covenant planet. Do you think they would have, if they knew the location of Sanghelios, tried to do the same thing?

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The people at ONI probably would have done if the opportunity presented itself.


I can’t recall. Did the world they blow up in Ghosts have any cities or was it just a military installation?

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I thought it was on the side of a moon or something.

In Halo Envoy SPARTAN Gray Team nuke a planet of Elites.

You’re thinking about Halo: The Cole Protocol, Envoy is the sequel.

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As someone else mentioned it was in The Cole Protocol that happened, but Grey Team only really did it because the Covenant had reached the Sol System. They had found Earth.

We later find out that the decision to nuke the whole planet actually weighed heavy on them. They had a lot of regrets doing so in Envoy, and that theme was executed perfectly.

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100% I think given the opportunity they would’ve gone through with it. The Covenant weren’t just looking to conquer humanity, they were set on complete and utter extinction of all human life. And, to top it off, humanity was losing.

UNSC yes if it came to that during the Covenant war. But I think this is more of a job ONI would be doing behind lord hood back.

Yep, a former Forerunner installation believed to have something more sinister within that would help the covenant so Kurt stayed to blow it up, The only planet they did blow up that we know of was the one in Cole Protocol that is mentioned elsewhere in this thread

Theoretically they would but given most infiltration missions into Covenant Space had to be small and discreet I think they wouldn’t. Post war though I think they definitely would, I mean if it weren’t for the Jiralhanae-Sangheili wars, ONI would blow up Refuge and blame it on the Inssurectionists or Kig-yar just so the Sangheili can be distracted so they don’t betray humanity even though they likely wouldn’t given Thel 'Vadam and the slow radicalization of Sangheili culture to be more like humanity in the idea of equality and not needing to die an honorable death but at the same time returning to their pre-covenant religon, so trying to weaken them is kind of pointless, and with most of the former covenant species backing them like the Unggoy and Lekgolo, I think it would be fine unless its Kig-yar pirates of factions like the Banished were to attack in full force.

we can safely assume that they would not shy away to employ weapons of mass destruction. after all the Nova bombs werent developed not for nothing. more vanilla nukes werent that effective because of shields and stuff. my guess is if the timeline would develop different is that they would novabomb probably high charrity and evry covenant planet they can plant the bomb , maybe they would devellop Nova missiles who knows. but those things were defently OP. " The NOVA Bomb explosion completely destroyed three-fifths of the fleet that was there, totaling over 300 ships. Eighteen Destroyers, two Cruisers, one Carrier and the Flagship escaped the NOVA Bomb explosion due to a jump en masse just seconds prior to the explosion. "

One planet was go read halo envoy

Yeah I mean, I remember thinking when they went through all the bad stuff Cortana did, UNSC has still done some pretty bad things as well. :smile:

You mean she destroyed a city to compel a nation to surrender unconditionally? :scream:

You mean she destroyed a ship full of enemy combatants? :scream:

That said, I don’t think the UNSC would Nova Bomb Doisac post Covenant War. But that’s more due to there not being any clear leadership or state that you could directly blame and attack. So Brutes might be evil flesh eating monsters who raid colonies for petty selfish reasons; but it’s not a monolithic group. Like if Atriox was the Emperor of the Brutes then, yeah, Reap the Whirlwind. But otherwise you’d just be making enemies and causing more problems. I mean, the Elites would have absolutely glassed the planet if able.