would the lore have gone in the same way if..

Bungie stayed with halo? I mean I know it would not have been identical, but with all the ancient human, forerunners wars stuff do you think bungie had those things written down and the story of halo 4?

Would bungie have had some kind of book telling the rest of the story and would they have handed that to 343 to work with?

Im not saying i dont like 343 or anything it’s just an honest question im curious and i can’t help but wonder about it.

I dont know, i think 343 created everything thats new from scratch.

It would have been as simple as how it ended in Halo 3. The books would continue the story down a new road. One with more detail. And Halo 4 continued that road.

Would it have gone the same? Probably not. Bungie probably didn’t have all of this Forerunner and Promethean things in mind.

After making Halo3, bungie stopped with the Halo lore from master chiefs perspective. they made ODST and Reach, but after that, anything Halo was decided by 343i.

would it be different? honestly i would say yes. if you remember from halo 3, guity spark said ‘YOU ARE FORERUNNERS!’… that alone makes me think bungie intended forerunners to be ancient humans before the halo blast. but 343i took it in another direction.