Would love to see more fun stuff for BTB

As someone who isnt usually that interested in BTB I would love to see some updates to it to give it more variety and maybe get me more interested. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Maybe a separate action sack BTB playlist?
    Add some modes like Team Snipers (S7s Only), Fiesta, Ninja Slayer, Rockets Only, Low Gravity, Super Speed, Vehicles Only, etc.

  2. Maybe switch to BR and AR starts instead of AR and Sidekick?

  3. Maybe more/faster vehicles and weapons around the map?

Comepletly disagree with 2. But other than that i would love to see more updates to BTB.

As far as vehicles go, we need maps like Blood Gulch to return. The current maps do not allow for vehicles to shine and that can’t be solved with faster spawn times sadly.

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I’d love to get more vehicular warfare, I think it is long overdue that Halo improves it’s vehicle sandbox. Not including vehicle variants, we currently have:

  1. Chopper (Halo 3, 2007)
  2. Ghost (Halo CE, 2001)
  3. Mongoose (Halo 3, 2007)
  4. Warthog (Halo CE, 2001)
  5. Scorpion (Halo CE, 2001)
  6. Wraith (Halo CE, 2001)
  7. Banshee (Halo CE, 2001)
  8. Wasp (AKA Hornet, Halo 3 2007)

5 out of the 8 vehicles in Halo Infinite were literally in the original Halo, a game that was released 20 years before Halo Infinite! The other 3 were featured in Halo 3, a game that is 15 years old! When you really think about, it is truly mind boggling that Halo Infinite has not done anything innovative when it comes to new vehicles.

It’s unnacceptable when a game like Halo wars has introduced many new vehicles to the series, the concepts are already there, 343 wouldn’t even have to think very hard.

I really hope we get some new interesting vehicles added, a full vehicle sandbox would seperate Halo Infinite from any of its predecessors.