Would infinite be good as an open world game

There have been claims about infinite’s gameplay and some of them are really good but the one I’m going to talk about is halo infinite being a open world game. This idea is a great one and if it were I would already be gathering money and looking for a pre-order. It would be a good idea but it would probably have to play like metal gear soild phantom pain which is a open world game. The main story would have to be built in the image of an open world shooter that already came out the multiplayer would play normally with the main “story” would use the open world game mechanics and maybe have a firefight with the same mechanics. Tell me what you think

I do think Infinite will feel like the most open world game in the series, at least since ODST. I’m personally not super convinced that a full open world model is a great fit for Halo, however.

Full open worlds rarely work unless there are certain progression elements beyond simply the fulfillment of the story. I think having a leveling system or a perk/skill tree would really mess with the Halo sandbox, and I don’t think too many uninvested gamers want to have an open ended game without meaningful character progression and a sense of constantly improving their capability and power. Trying to wedge a leveling system onto Master Chief just doesn’t work, to me. He’s a static player character; the same amount of force/power/capability In all situations, simply having different options based on specific circumstances.

The most rewarding thing Infinite could do as an open world game is have a ton of collectibles scattered around to encourage exploration, I just don’t think that’d be enough for most casual players to care. A cool suggestion 've heard would be for MP armors to be unlockable via discovery in an open world Campaign, but aside from something like that all I can think of is audio logs and trinkets like COG tags and in-world items like Gears has always done. Not super rewarding or compelling stuff, especially for people who don’t care about Halo as a series the way we on the forums do.

it depends on how they implement it I know in the past they have emphasized on exploration when they have talked about infinite in the past what that means we’ll have to wait and see

I’ve yet to see a convincing pitch for why Halo Infinite should be an open world. As far as I can tell, the only reason people want it is just because it’s the late 2010’s gaming trend. I have not seen anyone make an good suggestion for what the open world genre has to offer for Halo, or what Halo would be particularly well suited to do in the open world genre that no game has done before.

I don’t tend to outright reject non-specific ideas, but I’m not going to jump aboard an unmotivated hype train either.

I do not believe Halo Infinite will be completely open world, nor do I believe it will incorporate any significant RPG elements.

If the setting for the story is Zeta Halo, there could be a hub area where you can enter missions and do exploration (for Audio Logs, Terminals, etc.). I believe that the missions themselves will be very large and non-linear, like some of Halo Combat Evolved’s levels. This would be the extent of the “open-worldedness”.

I cannot imagine it any other way. Turning Halo into some type of RPG might have disastrous results. I think Halo is at its best when all enemies are equally capable in all situations, but what varies from situation to situation are the weapons, vehicles, and map positions available.

I would think something more in league with Death Stranding, actually. I really dig the shared world perspective. Where people can contribute to the world e.g. build things, like bridges etc. Or leave messages on the ground…even though that is more or less borrowed from Dark Souls. Maybe even certain means of calling people in for help on a boss, or tough segment.

If not that then I would want something story driven, but more of a shared world to the likes of Destiny, where after the campaign maybe people could raid (a deeper Firefight-like mechanic, perhaps, or more like Halo 4’s Ops(?) mode). In addition to the usual death match modes. e.g. people could still have their playlists, like Infection, or Griffball. I know the point of Infinite is to recreate the Halo CE feel, but you can do that and actually evolve at the same time. I’ve been playing Halo for almost 20 years now. Not much has evolved. Graphics only.

I’d rather see it be a semi open world like Halo 3 Odst, I worry that if it were a totally open world the story would lack direction.

Would Halo Infinite be good as an open world game ? Depends if it was well made or not. Halo can and does cover multiple genres, FPS, RTS, twin stick shooters and arcade. I could see a Halo open world working if it was done well.