Would Halo 5 have been better if...

343i would have added every aspect of what Halo Reach had in it (Proper Armor design and customization, Improved Forge with Forge World like Maps to Forge on, Reach Style UI for menu, matchmaking, customs, etc), removing AA’s but keeping Sprint but making it map pickup, Bloom from the game, and Halo 2-3 Ranking system, and then added in their own things? Do you think that by doing this the game would have been better for everyone?

Yes and no. I personally like Halo 5’s core gameplay. Armor design and customization isn’t too huge. Also, aside from showing bullet spread on autos, isn’t bloom nonexistent now? Their Forge canvases for Halo 5 are also pretty massive. Not to mention that the improvements to Forge itself has made the need for a Forge World null and void.

Would Halo 5 have been better from everything else you mentioned? Perhaps. Would it have changed all of the other aspects of Halo 5 (i.e. story, lack of maps/gametypes, delayed content, etc.)? Probably not.