Would 343 find any use for Optimatch backups?

For those very few who don’t know, Optimatch was a section of the Bungie.net forums where users could provide Matchmaking feedback. It was read fairly frequently by the Bungie employees in charge of the playlists, and posts in the official feedback threads were guaranteed to be seen.

Now, I don’t know if 343 was keeping track of Optimatch feedback prior to its closure. And I don’t know if they’d be interested in reading user-created archives of Optimatch. But if they are:

A while back, I archived several Optimatch threads, including several official feedback threads, in a non-human-readable format. A few minutes ago, I completed a (buggy, but it works well enough) parser to convert these archives into a friendly and familiar format, and I have released a ZIP file containing the parsed archive of the official Living Dead Feedback Thread.

The parser and the LD archive can be found here. There is also a link to the other, unparsed, threads, which can be run through the parser manually to view them.

(Note that the LD thread’s filesize is several times what it was supposed to be. Blame Firefox’s idiosyncrasies. I may fix it later by creating an HTA-based parser to replace the HTML-based one, but right now I don’t have the time.)

I hope that 343 finds a use for this archived feedback from the community.