Worthless weapons

Pulse carbine - terrible - I agree
Mangler - pretty much the bulldog - except this have a much better range and more precision
Disruptor - nope - Youre actually crazy if you dont think this is a good weapon, 3 shots is enough to follow on damage and remove shields, and also effects enemies near the “infected” person
Heatwave - doesn’t kill close, doesn’t kill far, whats the point - agreed, at least when i used it, everyone else blasts me no issue but i used it and nothing.
Skewer - only good against vehicles - ive gotten far more no scopes with this than the sniper rifle and have barely had chance to used it on a vehicle. I love this new spartan laser replacement
Ravager - worthless - charged mode is crap, burst mode it rips
Hydra - used to be good - used to be good i agree

Pulse Carbine - Good in a very niche situation, but I agree, worthless outside of it.
Mangler - I don’t understand the hate, this weapon is amazing when you learn to use it.
Disruptor - Good when it’s not bugged. It’s supposed to do DOT but doesn’t all the time.
Heatwave- It’s honestly fine
Skewer - Same as Mangler
Ravager - Agree, it was better in flights.
Hydra - falls into the same trap as the pulse carbine. Good in specific situations, trash outside of it.


The Heatwave and Mangler are good, everything else I agree with. Commando is also kinda trash with its annoying recoil.

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The hydra is my go to, I usally get around 10 kills a match with it, namely with wasps/banshees and other vehicles.

Heatwave and mangler are good as hell, for me it typically takes 3 shots to kill, when it should be 2 shots with the heatwave
Commando needs a buff for sure, I use to use it as a good to weapon but the AR is better, the AR is the only gun they did right, maybe the spread should be a little more the further you are but even if they don’t do that nerf I will he happy with the AR as is

The BULLDOG is complete trash, should be an equal to the sword and hammer at close range, now once again it’s a 3 shot weapon no matter how close you are

The shock rifle or whatever it’s called, needs work, it just seems off and going for that achievement where you chain kill someone just seems undoable, the arc needs to be stronger, the stability of the weapon needs to be increased cause this vs a sniper I’ll take the sniper 100% of the time when it should be a good substitute

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I agree the hydra is one of my go to weapons, wish it was a little stronger against other players as it’s in the rocket family, like I get not being a one shot weapon but 2 maybe
Cause it takes like 3 to 5 hits with it to kill a vehicle so why should it take 3 shots to kill a spartan outside a vehicle

On a added note I think the skewer needs a timed explosion i know this is about the hydra but since we talking about the rocket family I had to add this here lol, but so if you hit 2 seconds after an explosion with the power of a grenade or maybe a little stronger pops giving extra chance of a kill

Speaking of grenades did they nerf them or something cause I seen someone with damage standing next to a frag going off and they still lived, this seems common for people to live through gernades

I think its not 2 tap because it allows for players to respond back which was an issue for the hydra in 5, even with mobility most people you shot at were unaware of you locking on to them resulting in free kills.