worthless credits - ideas

There are a lot of Reach players accumulating worthless credits with nothing to spend them on. I think it would be nice if 343 threw us a bone and let us do something with them… e.g. - 343 store, avatar, marketplace, renders, etc… ? If you have an idea for these credits, please share.

Dude, that would be so cool, Im up to about 6 million credits that I cant do anything with =( and anything close to what you suggested would make alot of people really happy. Great idea and welcome to Waypoint =)

I think it would be cool if there were certain armor pieces in halo 4 that could only be bought with halo reach credits… I have 10million sitting on my profile that can’t be used haha.

Nice idea :slight_smile:

I like the idea of being able to use them for rendering videos.

I have 11,629,558 worthless cR. i think we should be able to “gift” them to others.

Say you have a good match and want to say thanks to your teammates.

“Here’s 25,000 cr.” because that would be the limit.

I have 20 million credits and nothing to do with them. Would be nice if i could gift them to friends.

Or spend the cr on waypoint on cool videos and bonus content

Maybe a way to “gift” credits to people that are less fortunate? :wink: