Worth getting?

I’ll be getting an Xbox One soon and wasn’t sure whether the Collection was worth the purchase?

The experience varies drastically depending on the player. Will you play with friends? Will you play campaign? Will you play solo ranked matchmaking? Do you plan on only grinding out Halo 2 Anniversary matchmade games or do you want to relive the glory days on Halo 1, 2 or 3?

I myself prefer to play with friends (2-3 other people in a party) and “try” to play something other than Halo 2 Anniversary, and we have a nightmare of a time getting a good game going. Co-op campaign, for us, also crashes often. However, if I played by myself in ranked H2A games, I think my experience would be better. It’s up to you, but the safest bet is to get a hard copy from somewhere that offers a flexible return policy on their games.

If you really love Halo and if you do not easily get upset at glitches, freezes, crashes, uneven games at start, quitters, and connection problems then sure. If you’ve played the original versions, don’t expect as smooth an experience here.

If doing something really difficult but awesome and then having to do it again because the game broke bothers you, save your money.

Some people still have major issues online. My suggestion is to rent it before you buy it (if you still have a rental store in your area).