Worth getting the dlc maps?

I bought halo reach to play on my Xbox one yesterday not having owned or played much of it since I kinda stopped playing halo at the point it came out. To my surprise I can find a game faster on halo reach then I can find the mcc (it has gotten better tho). My one problem is that I keep getting the same Maps over and over agian (probly because I don’t have the dlc) so my question is do enough ppl have the dlc for me to buy it?

In all honesty, it isn’t worth getting the DLC. There used to be lots of DLC only playlists, but now that they’re gone I haven’t played a DLC map other than in custom games for more than a year (excluding halo ce anniversary dlc). Short answer - There is hardly anyone that has the DLC.

I would do it anyway if it got me those stupid pay-to-earn achievements.

Anniversary is worth getting, all of it is if you have 3 friends that also have it to search a 4v4 mode with at the same time

Get the DLC, so that more people that do have it and want to play those maps get matched into it. If you’re a regular player, or even semi-regular, you need to have it to benefit those of us that do have it and play the game consistently.