Worst ranking system ever in a Halo title

I figured after so many Halo titles being released there’d be a half way decent ranking system like in Halo 3 or Halo 2. Now it seems like we’re getting no ranking system or this utter trash that’s in Halo 5. Season after season I notice things get worse and worse with how the system matches teams up with people of similar rank. The highest I’ve even ranked was Onyx in SWAT when the game first released and the system sucked. Which is flooded with high level players and you’d get high Onyx players or champion players while trying to qualify every season.
Now it’s even happening in Arena. I’ve never qualified that high in arena and struggle to get above a platinum when I qualify even though I’m a diamond in Breakout and SWAT. And yet I just had a game with 2 Onyx players and a champion on the other team while me and two others on my side were unranked with not even enough games between the 3 of us to make 10 games. Link to Game
How in the HECK is this a fair system? What part of this would the matching system find LOGICAL?!?!?!?! People who are ranked shouldn’t be matched with players who are unless they’ve been placed in that tier in a prior season. If I’ve never placed in Onyx in Arena, Slayers, SWAT, Breakout, FFA or any other ranked playlist that is released I should NEVER be placed against people of that rank. Clearly I lack the skill to compete against them so how in the hell would I be able to increase said rank if I’m constantly placed against better players who wipe the floor with me and my team?
I checked my past rankings in Team Arena for all seasons and only ONCE did I rank in Diamond 1. All other seasons have me placed in Platinum. So PLEASE explain the reasons the system would think this would end ANY other way?