Worst map halo has ever seen

Aquarius has serious glaring issues.
On Aquarius, sightlines for days and respawning within line of sight of enemies makes for the single worst halo experience I’ve ever had, including custom maps.
Even when you don’t spawn in line of sight of enemies, you will be bombarded by 3 or more directions the second you take your first step.
This map was obviously not play tested.

Yea no its q great mag bazaar is much worse.


Amen to that. I’d rather play 100 games on Aquarius before one game on bazaar. Aquarius is a solid map if you can manage your crouch jumping and sliding well.

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So I take it both of you guys are really big fans of spawn camping.

If yre getting spawned camped in a 4v4 game mode your team is trash.


Aquarius is the best ranked map by far. CTF 5 flag is an absolute treat to play on it.

Worst map Halo has ever seen is a difficult one, there are many, many contenders haha spanning across every game.

Then there is another issue that needs to be addressed.

Aquarius is a modern day wizard/warlock and those maps slapped….


Wizard and Warlock didn’t have tiny cramped rooms with cross spawn sightlines and didn’t spawn you in front of enemies.

Pretty much all of the maps feel too open with too many sight lines.

I think the issue here is spawns. I’ve been able to play all the maps quite a bit now and a common theme of being spawn killed keeps popping up. I know this because I played some CTF on Behemoth and it was absolutely delightful, but playing Behemoth on Fiesta was cortizol central because you just spawn and snipers can kill you. It’s like they didn’t care about player experience here.

Aquarius feels like a similar layout to midship to me, with less verticality. The unfortunate part of that is that it does mean longer sightlines.

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I honestly find Behemoth is the worst map out of all of them, if your team gets Snipers & Vehicles you can pretty much Spawn trap the opposing team


It’s very unfun on slayer gametypes because you can spawn out in the open on the sides. It’s even worse on Fiesta with all the snipes.

All the maps in Halo Infinites MP are awful, they all have major sight line issues or spawn issues

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I feel like the spawns are fine for the most part. You tend to spawn pretty far from enemies. Its nothing like CoD where you literally spawn on top of each other. The problem is the map designs and just how open they are with too many sight lines.

Personally think Launch Site is the worst map because 75% of the map goes completely unused. I haven’t played much Aquarius but yes I can see how the sightlines can be a bit of a nightmare.

For balance, I think Streets is one of the best I’ve played in a long time. Love that it’s symmetrical without being a mirror image of itself, with the right amount of verticality and sightlines.

For me too tbh. It looks nice but sadly it’s not fun to play.

This map sucks, but it’s definitely not the worst we’ve ever had. All the other maps seem good so I’m not really gonna complain too much about this one.