Worst Halo Wars Mission?

Personally I HATE… well I can’t remember what its called, but I’m still stuck on it. You find a massive shield and at the beginning there is a Plasma Rhino shooting it and then a whole bunch of Covenant come out. You have to call in more Plasma Rhinos and that is the bit I am stuck on.

So what is your least favourite level?

It’s a doable mission, even on Legendary. The important thing there is to create enough units in order to protect any and all rhinos once you start summoning them. Wolverines and standard troopers/ODSTs are your friends there.

Me, I hated Scarab. It just annoyed me terribly.

Scarab. Even on Normal I couldn’t beat the mission. The Scarab would always attack the pillars in front of the base for no reason. This mission takes a lot of skill on Legendary.

Scarab, for the same reasons listed above.

For an easy win on the plasma rhino level, upgrade your wolverines as high as possible, place them surrounding the rhinos. Watch Spirits and Banshees fall from the sky before getting close enough to drop troops or bomb your rhinos.

That same mission about the Rhinos… even with the official guide (which only says that you shouldn’t have more than 26 in population unless you want the Covenant to attack more aggressively) it’s impossible to accomplish.

3 wolverines with double launchers can take out a Spirit in two or three volleys. Well before it drops. Put three at each of the rhinos, that’s 6 pop x5, 30 pop. And you don’t build the last batch until you are ready to take the last emplacement point.

i have two worst halo wars missions shield world, it took several months to beat it. and the last level(escape?) i still haven’t beaten it

When I had no xbox live I played alot of Halo Wars. I mastered the game, I honestly dont remember having any issue beating the game. :] I beat every level on Legendary. :stuck_out_tongue: I think I hated the one with the flood attacking the ship/shield world the most.

Not because it was hard, more so because it just wasnt fun. Simple yet a small map. I liked the twist in game play I just feel there should of been more to the mission.

The hardest level had to be the one attacking the flood brain, gravemind, overmind whatever it was. :] It was challenging and fun.

I actually had no trouble beating Scarab. I don’t know what happened, but it killed one of my leaders (Forge, I think) and it just kept firing at his dead body. It was easy to kill it after that.

Quite honestly, though, I had a really hard time with Arcadia. It took me about 50 tries before I finally beat it…on normal! I hated that level immensely. I actually stopped playing for a month because of it.

Scarab. That level was horrible, i was stuck on that level for days and it was so annoying that after i beated the level i didnt play the game for at least 2 weeks

dome was so annoying and scarab it’s impossible to get micromanagement via MAC canon since they keep hitting the pillars

I disliked level 10 the most. A year later I finally beat it and then went on to complete the campaign. I only wanted the gamerpicture, lol.

to get micromanagement on Scarab, upgrade the hogs AFTER you have 40 of them. Just get the Chaingun upgrade, get the rest after you send them in. Mac Blast when possible, to keep knocking it down. Best done on Easy mode, for obvious reasons.

Shield World… I bloody hate that mission. No matter how many Cryo Bombs, nor Vultures, nor Scorpions I send at those Flood bases the Flood Launchers always manage to get 1 up on me!

It’s either that big -Yoink- hunk of -Yoink- Scarab level, the level where you have to clear a path full of flood for a pelican evac, or the last level where it’s just one big -Yoink-.

> Scarab. That level was horrible, i was stuck on that level for days and it was so annoying that after i beated the level i didnt play the game for at least 2 weeks

Dude I had to pull a move that hasn’t been done since ancient Rome where I sent a small group of guys to distract the enemy while I unlocked the stupid shield in the last level. After that I hadn’t played for a few weeks because my brain was recovering. However, I had much more respect for my history class.

all of them