Worst Halo map of all time?

We’ve all got our favourite maps in Halo, from Hang 'em High to Guardian but is there a map in Halo that you loathe every time you play it?

For me it has to be Blackout from Halo 3 - I never found it fun and always saw it as an inferior remake of Lockout from Halo 2.


I don’t know if this counts, but I don’t really like Halo reach’s forge maps In matchmaking. I don’t dislike them for the map designs, but because all of the forge maps are just so grey and dull looking, at least the 4v4 forge maps are.


Yep this is what I was going to say too. I really don’t like the gray tones everywhere, but I also don’t like a lot of their designs either. If there’s one in particular that I despise out of the entire bunch, it is Eden Minor.


Halo Reach - Condemned. I have never liked the map. Even when the full, opened version of the map is played, everyone fights in the center with low gravity. Absolutely loathe the map.


Wizard - CE
And all it’s remakes. It too small and chaotic in my opinion, everybody spawns in each other’s faces. I don’t enjoy it at all.


All of the Halo 5 maps followed by the Halo 3 sandbox maps for 4v4 that they put into the ranked rotation. I’ve always hated those maps. But H5 was just so ugly and aesthetically displeasing to play it’s hard to get past that.

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Ah, mate. I am so pleased someone else hates these maps like I do. I like chaos on maps as much as the next player, but that map is way too small, especially for SWAT.


I totally get where you’re coming from as I notice the same thing just about every time I play on it too.

Also the full opened version as you say is called Condemned, the slightly condensed version (with the teleporters) is called Uplink.

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Hear me out and y’all get what I’m tryna say: 4v4 Team Slayer on High Ground. I absolutely hate that map.

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Asphalt on Halo Reach, the map literally kills you for driving too fast in vehicles, and it’s completely random. I’ve lost several perfection medals because of it.


For me it’s either Midship in Halo 2 or Heretic in Halo 3 (which is kinda the same). Call me bad. It’s mainly the fact that you’re not safe in any corner from the moment you spawn. Combine that with the ridiculous people I get matched up against let alone teammates. In my experience it’s just an overall not fun time as at least 85% of the time I’m l either getting spawn killed, the enemy team gets the objective in what practically feels like 10 seconds, or even both in some cases. There’s the occasional match where my team actually wins or at least comes close but it rarely ever happens.


I had some fun with Heretic in social playlists but damn, as soon as you enter ranked & that map shows up it just feels like all the fun is sucked dry from you. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


Assembly - Halo 3.

So bad that I intentionally uninstalled the map pack during Halo 3 so I wouldn’t get it. Always annoyed me playing MCC that I had to play it though.

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Uplift from Halo 2. Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful, but there are so many areas that I wish to use, only to be punished for doing so. I have yet to win a single game on that map.

Chiron TL-34, by FAR

Halo CE-
(Or as I call it, Hang em hostage. Cause you can’t quit, there’s no veto, and it even wasted a slot in future halo games (trying to rebrand its self as high noon. THANKFULLY, I never get cursed playing this map in halo 2 (Tombstone)

I HATE this map so much. It’s the one map I end up getting cursed with far more than the other maps, so much so I came here. (This games map rotation is not RNG, it finds out the map you hate most and stick you on it, only giving thr illusion of RNG by throwing in other maps once in a while.

Halo 2-
TOMBSTONE!!! “Thats just high noon again, that don’t count” fine.

Lockout makes me wanna cry. I’m just bad at this map, yet is one I’m cursed playing allot in this game, and even halo 4.

Halo 3-
Every match here feels like a slow crawl. A snail and turtle can both cross the 5 mile run before a match here is over.

Halo Reach-
HIGH NOON!!! “Another Hang em high? You must be real tired of constantly being stuck playing this map” YUP.

Although a remake of a halo 2 map, it feels much worse here. I don’t mind the H2 version, but I can’t stand this one. I’ve never been able to pinpoint why it’s so much worse in reach.

Halo 4-
I actually like all the maps in halo 4, so although a remake that shouldn’t count, it’s the only answer I got.

I don’t mind it once in a while if everyone doesn’t start with precision weapons but that’s just me, I find it not to be as campy. Other than that though ya it can be really not fun to play on with the amount of grenade spam that happens.

If I had to pick a least favourite map I’d say longest and elongation from Halo CE and Halo 2. I always have such a bad time on those maps

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CE: Rat Race

The spawns are what ruin it for me. You can respawn right in the middle of a firefight, meaning you ciuld be riddled with bullets from your team and the enemy before you can do anything.

Halo 2: Colossus and Uplift

Colossus has high ground with a Beam Rifle, a shotgun and a pile of grenades, and low ground with an Overshield, 2 BRs and some other useless stuff. Once one team gets the high ground that’s it, they win, there’s very little you can do to turn the tables other than get lucky with grenades.

Uplift just isn’t well-designed. It heavily favours the team spawning in the central structure, with the other team usually winding up stuck in their spawn in the cliff wall.

Halo 3: Construct

There are 4 ways to the top of the map (3 grav lifts and 1 ramp), all of them leave you totally exposed while taking them. Once 1 team gets to the top, It’s Colossus all over again, unless everyone pushes 1 route, which is unlikely to happen outside of organized play. (Special shout out to Standoff, though.)

Halo Reach: Headlong Aniniversary

One team spawns with a Gauss Hog, the other gets 2 Ghosts and a Banshee. If you know the Bungie era Gauss Hog, you know why this is a problem. Even Reach’s notorious Banshee isn’t enough to beat it.

Halo 4: Most BTB maps

This where 343’s obsession with “vehicle lanes” began, and it’s been near omnipresent ever since in Big Team. Most of Halo 4’s BTB maps are rather restrictive for vehicles, with very little open space for them to truly shine. The fact everybody can spawn with Plasma Pistols just makes things worse.

I haven’t played enough Halo 5 to form an opinion on its maps.

Halo Infinite: Recharge

Too cramped, yet also too open. There aren’t enough precision weapon spawns, and there’s little to counter the Hammer aside from being slightly out of range and getting lucky. The wonky melee registration doesn’t do it any favours, either.

Ghost town is the one major blunder in the entire Bungie era IMO. I’ve never liked it, never will.

For me i’d define worst as the least liked across the entire game, as in there are some maps that for certain playlists have been my least liked experiences, but they play great in many other playlists. These maps I think have the least value across the board.

4v4: Chiron - the only thing it brings to the table is chaotic gameplay, but in a way that’s just unfun to me. Boarding action comes very close.

BTB: Was never too fond of CE BTB tbh.

4v4: Backwash - Imo just doesn’t play anything well at all, even zombies. Tombstone doesn’t replicate what Hang’em did so that’s close.

BTB: Would say Uplift but during the actual H2 era it would be Turf, but since that isn’t a proper BTB map either Relic or Burial Mounds. Not that they’re bad though H2 BTB had a strong line-up.

4v4: Halo 3 had a lot of bad 4v4 maps. Snowbound, Orbital, Assembly, Blackout, Epitaph, Cold Storage, default Sandbox were all weak maps that were more unfun than they were fun imo. The map I barely had fun in was Isolation, horrible map.

BTB: H3 had strong BTB too, I found Avalanche was the worst, easy to back up team to their spawn, on foot gameplay was very one dimensional and vehicular play was disjointed, still had many fun times but it was the weakest map.

4v4: I’m not counting forge maps just developer. In terms of overall gameplay many of the Reach maps get called bad like Swordbase, Boardwalk, Reflection or Powerhouse, but I think all of these maps play most of the playlists really well bar default slayer, which was still ok. High noon is the worst because team snipers is the best thing it probably plays on and still sucks, this is the worst map of the Bungie era, looks nice but plays poorly. Condemned is also a bad map, would be much nicer without the central room, sort of like a large Chillout.

BTB: I didn’t have tons of games on Highlands and they were always pretty meh so that takes it. Spire was weird but still had many great games on it.

4v4: Adrift - a map of tunnels, the central area is the only thing that isn’t a headache, coupled with everyone having a boltshot and ordnance drops with SAW, overshield or damage boost, nope.

BTB: They all sucked, Vortex, Perdition, Exile and Longbow had potential but all lane-y, low invisible ceilings that made airplay unfun, map clutter and infinity settings.

H5: Honestly didn’t play enough to care

4v4: Would say Launch site but I really only play ranked as I dislike pistol / AR starts, so Behemoth.

BTB: I hate this games BTB and I don’t want to play it. From the lanes, vehicle controls, spawn weakness, random vehicle spawns etc. I feel it takes classic BTB and ruins it with the ghosts of H4 BTB and H5 Warzone.