Worst challenges this week?

Get 10 kills with the Pulse Rifle in PvP

Get 10 kills with the Ravager in PvP

There is no way I am doing those challenges if I have a challenge swap available. Those weapons are hot garbage and I won’t choose to use them unless they get a buff at some point. It’s like they are trying to force people to use guns that they know are horrible.

It seems 343 has improved the challenges from last week but there are still some bad ones in there.

What are the worst challenges you are seeing this week?

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I had 3 kills and 10 kills with the Pulse Riffle.
Seriously I’m ok with most of the challenge but this gun, it’s a pain in the grunt, it’s aweful to play. Worst gun of the game!
These challenges are throwing the weekly challenges, that’s really sad because the game is really great except that!

I wonder if these challenges are not just here to use the swap items…

And the joke of the day is I swapped 10 pulse riffle kills challenge and 15 kills with gungoose, and guess what I had after the swap of the gungoose? 10 pulse kills challenge AGAIN! :triumph:


I got 10 splatter kills :roll_eyes:. I’m supposed to ride around in BTB getting blown up praying for a splatter? Really?


I had to destroy a chopper and hijack a flying vicheal

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Pretty sure they do want you to swap. Like, they knew with an event and a one week long playlist people would want to play fiesta, so what’s the point in all the challenges which cannot be fine in fiesta? Surely they don’t want you to ignore the event, so what’s the purpose of those challenges?

Some of the challenges are definitely significantly more difficult than others.

I’m all for the challenge system but I also think they really need to look at player data across all skill levels to see how often these events occur. I know they are designed to be weekly challenges but if those events don’t happen frequently enough within 10-20 games then it’s not really doable for a lot of the playerbase.


I am okay with there being some that are more challenging than others.

But not when the reason they are more challenging is because of RNG due to map required or game type required. Or because a certain weapon is horrible to try and actually get kills with. And they definitely know that certain weapons suck because they choose those weapons to give more XP as more difficult challenges.