Worse than previous Halo's, look at my list

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FIX THIS OR I AINT BUYING. myself as well as so many others are feeling let down and betrayed by the industry right now. Even Rockstar has -Yoink!- the bed. I know the world is falling apart and this is a first world issue. still, we don’t need every game company to turn into professional swindlers, experts in making it look like you can earn rewards the old fashioned way through hard work, skill and determination, until you realize something like it takes 500 hours to earn the right to play as Darth Vader in a Star Wars game, while some spoiled little brat playing on the platinum edition got his mommy to pay for it on his first day.

you guys are lucky the industry is in such bad shape right now because five years ago this would have been unacceptable.

-no co op campaign on launch
-no forge
-customization is hidden behind a pay wall
-same old multiplayer with some new, poorly balanced weapons, that are either too strong or are a pea
shooter, while discarding old classic guns, or replacing them
-no dualing weapons
-no jetpack
-no elites in multiplayer
-no battle royal mode
-no horde mode
-instead gives us a horrible btb gamemode that is basically ctf but with like 6 battery things? (clusterfuck)
-spawning in matches is bad on small maps and will put you in places you get spawnkilled
-melee is way overpowered, feels like you can kill people with it while their shield is up. up close battles are
won by whomever melees first, usually
-shields are way to weak and take way too long to recharge, fix one thing or the other to balance this
-I have already covered this but what you have done to the carbine is disgusting it use to be my most loved
weapon and now its my most hated

this is all stuff apparent to me within a couple hours playing and was super easy to list here. Hopefully 343 is actually concerned with making this a fun and successful game that has a long lifespan but if they don’t listen up and make some changes it will just be another -Yoink!- title released unfished in a blatant attempt to either rip people off or use the first people who play it as a free form of labor, not having to test the game themselves.

thankfully what you have released is playable! imagine that. it is pretty fun too when I have a decent team and I stick to the balance weapons. but don’t get it twisted, we see you. What your doing is obvious and its sadly part of a trend right now. it means you spend less time making the product fun and more time wasted calculating some way to milk more money out of people stupid enough to pay so they can be their favorite color in a game they already own. I would have way more fun playing Halo 3 or Halo Reach with full servers again.