Worrying too much

So there’s a rumor that 343 Industries might drop there Halo infinite Xbox One release and only have it on the Xbox series X I hope they don’t dropped their Xbox One release I know there are some people who can afford a new game system every year I am not one of them in fact I would be happy what’s Halo 5 level graphics what I want is a game with a good story good plot and good Scripts are the characters amongst many other things the graphics are the last thing on my list I think people are complaining too much about the graphics

It is still a rumor, however I am in favor of that decision. Sorry head of time :frowning: As someone who plays on PC, even I sometimes struggle to load in large worlds, especially Grand Theft Auto. My current PC now can handle it but even then I dial back the settings. The gameplay demo shown definitely seems like it was meant to mimic the xbox one or just to test the base level of performance. There are so much advantages that Series X has over the Xbox One. SSD is the strongest point, ESPECIALLY a NVMe SSD hopefully with great read and write speed, which it should have… That will help with all of the loading vs a hard drive that comes with the xbox one. So its definitely not just about graphics, but overall performance.

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> “afford a new game system every year”

Literally once every 7 years. And guess what? Now you’ve got an extra year to save up.

Save up. By the time you save enough, it will make Halo Infinite that much more rewarding, partially because it will feel earned and also because dropping Xbox One support lets them expand the visuals and game design and improve all aspects without unnecessary restrictions.

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