Worried about the lack of content?

When Forge get out there will be crap load of content like we have with pass Halo games. There are some awesome maps and modded maps coming. I can hardly wait to get Forge so I can make a Halo Online Map Called DIAMONDBACK!! For those who remember Tribes and Tribes Ascend I will try to make a few of those maps. Here is a video about that game. Map Name “Raindance”


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Will there be playlists for people to play these Forge creations? I’m not a creative type but love seeing what people make. How will these custom game modes be accessed you think?
I hope Forge is everything it sounds like it’s gonna be!


We had people making parts of Destiny’s Leviathan Raid in Halo 5 so I can’t wait to see what kind of stuff will come with the tools for Infinite’s Forge.

I do want there to be some kind of server list or something for the Custom Games - similar to how we had Used Map Settings back in the Starcraft/Warcraft days.

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It will be via the Custom Games Area with a Custom Game Browser and with Forge!

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I can not wait to see all the old maps recreated. Personally hoping some one makes a last resort/Zanzibar remake. One of my favorite maps since halo 2.

Forge is not going to be enough. They’ll need a functional custom games browser, connectivity fixes, playlists to implement Forge in a functional way, and operational filesharing.


Isn’t the custom games browser broken? Forge will be great I’m sure, but how is anyone supposed to access the content that the community makes? What kind of file share system will be implemented? Will there be matchmaking? Will we have to depend on the Halo LFG discord like they made us do for campaign co-op?

343’s silence on these crucial issues is the exact same problem we had when Infinite was about to release. People speculated that 343 bit off more than they could chew and they were 100% correct.

343 could absolutely have an amazing thing going with forge, but what good is an awesome engine in a car when the doors won’t open, there’s no gas in the tank, and the wheels are square?


I Agree 100% but Remember, Forge won’t be worth a crap without a Custom Game Browser!

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Yeah, I said that too

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343 needs to actively promote and encourage the Forge community.

There needs to be pathways for the good maps and game types to be promoted and shared.

Not just Forge specific playlists… but into the major playlists as well.

eg. with Infection. They should hold a competition for forged infection maps. The winners get their maps tweaked and put into the actual rotation.


Did you see the "this is what you can do with less then 15% forge budget? Oh man it’s insane. I wouldn’t be surprised if raids are recreated.

Come to think of it… I wonder if the nodes can be used to give our Spartans… “Light abilities”

Like I could see one that throws out a bundle of shock grenades, (Arc) or one that when you activate it, it just does a concussive blast around you like a gravity hammer but with larger radius. (Heh, arc again) or maybe even throws a kill ball that has a 7 second timer and is environment reactive (WATCH OUT FOR TEAM!)

honestly that’s all you need too lol.

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Seeing some more community modes would be great for halo, I think one big think it lacks right is a sense of community. Hopefully forge helps that.

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I sure in the hell did! WOW!! It’s alot better then the pass Halo Forges!!

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Is Co-OP even running yet?

It’s running, running out of excuses to not be out already!!! Lol.

No but seriously, I don’t think they’ve said anything about the online co op launch.



I asked because if they can’t get that going, I can’t see them adding forge that is a hell of a lot more work to get it working in this game. Not to mention how custom games as they are now has issues.


In all honesty that’s a very good reason and outlook. But to be frank Im almost willing to bet my last Magazine that there are WAAAAAYYYY more resources in forge rn then campaign I hate to say.

It’s garnering WAAAAAYYYY more positive attention then the co op flight even could whimper out. Was it cool? Sure?

But dear God seeing a Spartan walk around a residential home gave me willingness to fight insurgents.

Line breakers HUL attachment describes current age Spartans and insurgents still clashing.

The sheer limitless scale of forge and what could be added as well across the remainder of infinites lifespan are infinitesimal.

Co op, while a vital part of the game; just isn’t worth the resources in comparison to the hype.

I really hope there will be a machmaking forge mode for people to upload their maps on the servers for everyone to play. Otherwise forge will be just like custom games for friends only.

Fan made, creator content doesn’t count as “content.”

That’s what a lot of people are afraid 343i is going to do.
They aren’t releasing/haven’t released any content so they rely on the community.

I have really disliked the community made maps that made it into matchmaking in the past games. This isn’t going to be any different.

343 shouldn’t be allowed to shuck their responsibilities onto the community and have it count as “content.”


The lack of content or frequency of new content is somewhat slower than what most people would expect.

Season 3 though is going to bring a lot more content that we are all waiting for and probably going to be a surprise. In the meantime co-op campaign and forge should hold everyone over for 3 months. They just need to make sure they start season 3 with a bang to bring all the players back from MW2 2022.