World War: The New Age

Hey guys! I’ve been forging maps on Forge Island and i’m naming them by World War: The New Age pt. 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on and so on. It’s a series of maps i will create and only playable for big team battle. They’re huge war maps with alot of fun!! Most of them will be a war in a mini city, in a mall, ship, idk other stuff too. Majority of the weapons will only be human weapons (sorry to the plasma lovers xD. There will be secret hideouts as well, a secret hole to lead yourself to enemy bases, and sniper areas that will be hidden in trees, and i’m looking forward to having to invite my halo friends and have a huge game! And some of the maps will take up the whole island! So that’s why i can’t have very little people, i need alot. I’m going to put all my effort into my maps so people can enjoy it! My gamertag?? EpicAngel00 . Request me and message me anytime you want. I can also use a little help on forging the maps. I will send you a game invite. Reply please. And put your gamertag. And also… this one’s for 343i; you guys should really add a major update on how many people can be in a match. 16 people aint enough for me if i have huge maps. Even if i have it on big team battle it will seem so quiet and stuff. Because there’s maps that take up the whole real map! And theres alot of people and it seems quiet. So tell me… should they make the matches have a max of 24 players??? Give me feedback. Spartan, out! jk no but really, bye!