World premiere - presentation of information

The pit remake is cool but why was that a hyped up world premiere? That would have been perceived far better had they just shown off the map unexpectedly instead of getting peoples hopes up, potentially just to get viewership up for the hcs. It’s literally how you present information. Showing up a single map we can’t play for at least a couple months isn’t a world premiere you should be hyping up. I appreciate it and I think the map will play really well because of the extensive testing compared to forge maps… but we don’t even have a real date. Waiting to wait for one map isnt a world premiere and certainly isn’t exciting. I cant get excited over a map that will release sometime in the future.

I think the new pit will look really great when polished and play even better. And im glad to have more maps. Its really desperately needed for infinite. I just wish the world premiere wasn’t hyped up because seeing that for the first time with no previous impressions would have been way better. I didnt get my hopes up just because I know better by now but it is a matter of how information is presented.