Working BR55 Battle Rifle, Built on DT MDRX

Hello everybody! Longtime Halo fan, it was the series that got me into military sci-fi as a kid and by extension interested me in firearms.

I finally have a working prototype of my ultimate grail gun, the BR55 battle rifle!

I built it off of a Desert Tech MDRX (bought used, I don’t want to support Desert Tech due to their links to the Kingston Clan), with the BLK LBL Mantis handguard, a Tristar Compact Bullpup Shotgun carry handle, a Surefire 3 prong flash hider, a 10 round PMAG, and a Primary Arms 2.5x prism I modified the carry handle to fit.

It’s still missing an ammo counter, is chambered in .223, and does not hold 36 rounds in a flush mag but I think you’ll agree that the silhouette is very recognizable. I’m gonna take it shooting for the first time in this configuration over the weekend, and I plan to make a video on it!

Here’s a link to a thread with pictures on the Halo subreddit:

Let me know what you guys think and let’s discuss other Halo builds you’ve done/plan to do on real firearms!

Please no politics in here, and I no I’m not in California and own plenty of 30 round mags. The rifle usually wears a Trijicon Credo 1-6x LVPO instead of the handle so please refrain from having an aneurism over seeing a cheap optic on an expensive gun.

Thanks, hope you like it!

that’s really cool. it looks really good. I have seen a few people make some other really good builds based off halo. Getting a 36 round mag is probably gonna have to be a custom job since it’s such a odd amount of ammo to have in a mag. However if you wanted to check out something that someone else did, a guy 3d printed the magnum frame and used a glock base.