Won't let me connect to LIVE

Everytime I try to put Halo 4 in and play it boots me off of X-Box Live, and won’t let me connect again. I have the release patch downloaded, I have disk two downloaded. But does it each time I launch Halo. If I dashboard it automatically connects me to my network, and I tried putting in Battlefield 3 and I was able to play online with no issues. I tried deleting my cache and redownloading everything to see if something went wrong in the download process. But it still won’t let me connect to my network. It leads me to believe it is something with Halo, and not my network., because everything works except Halo.

Did it make your spartan all black color on your loading screen as well, but when you go to change appearance you have the colors you chose? I’m connected to my friends in party chat but not into the game.

No, It won’t allow me to connect to Live period. So I can’t even see online friends and such. Its like the moment the game boots up it severs my internet connection. Otherwise my Sparten is fine, I played a few local games and leveled up a bit and none of that has changed. It’s just the connection. When I hit the guide button while in the Halo main screen and hit “Connect to Xbox Live” it tells me my connection has been lost, but if the moment I dashboard it tells me " X Friend online" and everything. I’m just lost as to why this is happening and wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same issue.

I got kicked off of live just a few minutes ago as well. Right in the middle of a game. Wonder what’s happening?