Wondering Thoughts?

This will probly get moved, or burried but oh well, feel free to add or answer.
These are just mild curiousties,
like is the Binary Rifle OP, a oneshot sniper that lets you trace it back to who plans on shooting you, yet Gears did the same thing only diff, a charge time b4 you shot… is it OP.

The Inceration Cannon, probly wouldn’t be considered OP, but you can take pretty muck anything out with a shot from its double blast… that and some maps it spawns so often…OP or equalizer?

Campers, why do some feel the need to stay in the same place after killing so many ppl… they know where you are, be smart like others…switch spots.

Betrayers-Just why, you are handing the match over to the other team… whether be for a ride or a weapon, is it worth being a man/woman down, and it pisses people off.

Lagging, how are people still able to play while teleporting, I quite if I start up bad enough, rarely when it happens. Those ppl are like bullet/nade sponges, some of them you can take there shield off, after that they just won’t die, wtf, but hey, lol… you can.

Now, Dominion… nice gametype, almost mastered it… why is there so many Rockets, I-cannons,Snipers(that isn’t to bad but curious)… Sure, its fun and all, but running into a base with a camper that case either of the first 2 is suicide… which is really easy and simple to find, its just getting it first.