Wonder if this player cheated

Was doing arena games tonight and was on my last one for today to get a rating, when a player used what I guess is a glitch to get to a vantage point where he was able to get multiple kills very easily without anyone being able to kill him. He would fly up to the right cliff on blue team’s side of the map and camp on a cliff where no one could get to him(on Asylum).
I was just wondering if this would be considered cheating?

SS to be more clear.

dats legit

Legit, maybe…but come on you have to admit its a little underhanded.

Ultimately, tthis is not cheating. why? One of your spawn zones is directly beneath him and the only possible way he could get there is under the right conditions: jet pack and not one of your teammates even shooting at him. Many players use this spot, not saying I approve or think its right, but this is one of the instances that I have modified in customs to reflect a kill zone for those that jet pack out of the map like that. Is it cheating? No. Cheap? Yes.

He wasn’t cheating. But he was exploiting the fact that Asylum is a terrible and broken map.