Won 10 / 10 Matches and get ranked Platinum???

I feel like I’m way too skilled for Platinum, I won every single one of my placement matches (going positive every game, carrying my team most games) you can look at my service record… shouldn’t I AT LEAST be Diamond?

When Halo 5 was first released I was Onyx everything and was playing against some champions… did they change the system?

If you’re really Diamond level then you should fly through the Plat ranks and land in Diamond.

Unfortunately for the placement matched, it really depends on WHO you go up against. I didn’t look through your matches, but if you do yourself you can see the ranks of your opponents. If everyone you beat was Gold/Plat then your ranking is sufficient. They can’t throw you into the Diamond ranking without having played/beaten anyone of that rank during your placement.
I know you can’t control your placement matches, which is the -Yoink- part about it all (and a reason I don’t agree with the FAST monthly resets) but if you are a good player you will go up in ranks quickly.