Wolvesbane-Private Military Company Recruitment

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen of the Halo clan community. My name is German Dog556 and I am posting this for those who are possible interested in changing things up in there day to day halo life for a little something else. I am the leader of a mercenary group who do things other groups can not. We offer services such as assassinations of H.V.C.L as well as security for meetings between clan leaders. We offer a vast array of services and even train each member in different aspects of our trade. When you join you are given the rank of Private within the company without having to do anything other then being recruited.
Our training is a basic two hour long course that tests your individual skill on obstetrical that we have encountered in raids from the beginning, as well as things I have picked up on from different contracts and different clans I have had dealings with in the past.
Those who are coming from the UNSC groups have nothing really to fear because we are more friendly with the UNSC then other factions within the halo community and as such you as one of our mercenaries are allowed to turn down contracts or pass them to someone else in the company if you feel uneasy about the contract.
Our Rules of Engagement come directly from the United States Marine Corp officer handbook which is basically the same as the UNSC R.O.E. We train in combat, as well as diplomacy because of our operations within the community. We provide a strong foundation for those new to the trade as well as connections for those who are just getting back into the business. Infiltration of clans is something we offer if you request it, but do to the nature of that trade we advise against it on the grounds of being unwanted attention to the company. In this company professionalism is important but so if fun and enjoyment of the game we all love. So please feel free to message me if you have any questions as well as if you are interested in joining a growing group.
Thank you and have a wonderful day.
Vae Victis

Recruitment is still happening for Wolvesbane PMC, message me for an interview.


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