Wolves of Karma now recruiting!!

Wolves Of Karma is currently recruiting!

Play Style: All genre of players. We have teams for competitive players and players who just want to relax.

Time zone: Central Standard Time (CST) USA

What you are hoping to get from a member?: All is welcomed, as long as they are a team player! Age 14+

Anything else: Hello, i’m BrokenxEcho, Leader of Wolves Of Karma and i’m currently posting this forum on behalf of the clan community i’m in. My clan is recruiting members to join the community we’ve been building since Halo 2. There are other clans that are currently active within this community that makes things so much more interesting and engaging. We as the (HQ: Head Quarters) Community, we get together to clan battle and hold HQ battles within our own forged maps in custom gaming. Wolves Of Karma will also hold their individual challenges such as: Team battles, Tournaments, and multiplayer gaming with fellow clan mates to earn points for Awards. If you have a smaller clan, no need to fear, we accept merging. What does that mean for you? Well, you will be Captain of a team which will be your current clan members. This way, we can grow together! Why would you merge? Simple, you’d merge because the bigger the community the more opportunities and interaction with all kinds of game play within Halo 5! More information will come once we see interest.

Please message BrokenxEcho if you’d like to talk more about the HQ experiance and like to join.