Wolves of Edra (W.O.E)

Hey guys!
This clan is merely just a way to find competitive players to play with in Halo 5. Have you ever had a random leave you for dead? I have you ever experienced a random being ninja’d after grabbing OS? Have you ever have a random leave you for dead? Well, I’m sure you have. So we’re pretty much competitive halo players. Meaning Diamond and up in Ranked Playlists! Now it’s okay, if you don’t meet the rank, but want improvement in your gameplay, join us as well. Like I said, very competitive but we also like to mess around in Customs and Warzone.

Other Requirements:

  • Active on Halo 5
  • High skill (or desire for high skill)
  • Mic needed
  • Age doesn’t matter but act mature

Now, we won’t have you switch emblems or armors or Spartan Tag because people like being themselves. But if we ever face up against another clan, then just the emblem change will suffice. Message me on Xbox if your email interested!

Gt: TheBigCheeze421