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Wolf Underground is A spartan Company that hand selects Spartans to join. The selection is based off of performance. No there is no tryouts only evaluation. There is a thing, a saying Spartan-IV are our weaker younger brothers and sisters. As Spartan-II and very few Spartan-III we must be rolemodels, we must show them what it means to be a Spartan.
This is S – 17 if you have any further questions use your AI to contact me. God speed Spartans.
(For Spartans who are chill and less competitive but still wants to have a goal to work towards with high rewards.
We are about 75% to the Armor for Achilles after that we will be focusing on the helmet we have only 31 Members.)
(For our competitive side we will be hosting Grind teams for arena. These teams will than play out the season to achieve only 2 goals. 1st Hit Champion tier and be rank 1 and 2nd is to produce pro teams through this. While using The 1st goal as practice.)