WOLF FANG: 343i, if you do one thing, add this as a weapon!

“The Wolf Fang is a tool of death, sharpened on Covenant armor and wetted with Banished lifeblood. Similar master-crafted Pattern-2 composite swords serve Spartans well in the grim business of assassination and clone-range melee.”

You’ve seen it before folks. The swords you see on the Heroic and Legendary difficulties, the first melee weapon carried by the Macworld Chief - the oldest melee weapon in Halo, has finally made a proper canonical appearance… and it desperately needs to appear in this game as a melee weapon.

I have ideas of how to use it, but I won’t suggest them because that honestly makes it more dubious to implement.

What I do know though, is that the only melee weapon the UNSC has ever had, is the assassination knife - and honestly it’s just not the same.

Let Spartans use their swords, finally. NOBODY will complain. It’s right here, in the game. You are THIS CLOSE to letting us use it. Hel, I’d almost recommend it be what we have when we’re out of ammo. That’d be extremely cool.

But please, 343i. If you do ANYTHING… Add our swords.


Yes i would like to see another melee weapon, gravity hammer being a joke lately

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Where is this info from? The “Machete” has an actual title now?!

Yup, check the chest armors in the Rakshasa core.

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The fact we can’t equip “custom melee weapons” that change the look and animation of melee attacks is a missed revenue opportunity by 343.

It doesn’t need to change damage, speed, or lunge range. Literally just the animation of the punch.

It would be pretty cool, but I’d rather unique weapons period.

Up… We need another melee weapon

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Wholly agreed. Two for too long. Nearly 15 years! Even the Prometheans didn’t get one, ffs!


We need -

  • Energy Sword
  • Gravity Hammer
  • Golf Club
  • Wolf Fang
  • Curveblade
  • Katana
  • Honor Guard Pike
  • Gravity Mace
  • Hard-Light Machete
  • Screwdriver

We only have two of these.
We need the rest of the Halo melee weapons!!

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RIP Spartan Sorrel, absolute legend.