Wolf Defense Military is Recruiting.

We are recruiting, as always.
We were there, since the beggining.
The war rages on, lost many soldiers, they died with honor.
Yet, it seems to be the beggining.
Surely… There is a hidden enemy, waiting to strike…
It’ll be just another day in the office.
In the end, what is this war…
Just another, in history.
John is a legend, as are many Spartans.
Yet some are forgotten, by time.
The sacrifices made to get this far…
It is because of them, we got this far.
The war is not over yet.
We will make sure we do not lose.
We ARE the defenders.
We WILL stand our ground.
We will FIGHT, even WHEN there’s no hope!
They will know defeat!
They will know fear!
They will not be victorious!
As for me…
…I’m only a shadow of the past.

No Recruits Boss.
Not yet.
I blame the Achilles boosting companies, to get something, you must earn it.
Not join some Carry Company where you get it by doing nothing.
Then again… People are impatient and can’t do anything theirselves.
True Legends are only because they did it theirselves.
I would know.
The Truth is hidden.
We shall see order.
There are heroes, but not yet.
All they care about is a myth’s armor.
Who took a hit to his heel and died.
Even then, it gives you away easily.
Very, very easily.
What is the point of sneaking when you have a one foot extension above your head, and two others from the sides.
Anyone can see it.
There is no point of it.
I would notice anyway, but it’s even easier with it.
Legends do it theirselves.