WNA9 recruiting- only 2 weeks from achilles

I am a lieutenant in We Need Ac9illes and we are looking for a couple awesome replacements for people who haven’t been putting in their share for the Achilles grind. We are at 17/31 on the armor and we’re specifically at 853/2250 on level 3 of 1st strikes (this is the determinant commendation on when we get the armor.) Whoever we bring on board is looking at a pretty sweet deal with how fast they will unlock the armor.
That said, because we are dedicated ourselves, and because we are so close, we have high expectations about who we bring on board. We aren’t looking to replace those who are leaving with average contributers, we want people who will be top-tier grinders that make a noticeable dent in the Achilles grind.
Our key criteria are…
Need to be in the 100’s on rank, as well as have an impressive number of 1st strikes on your medals page.

Need to play on a daily basis for multiple hours, and be willing to modify playstyle (including foregoing K/D) to focus on whatever commendations we are working towards.

Your skill is irrelevant, we are focused on commendation grinding more than constantly winning. Though being a boss never is a bad thing.

Need to be the kind of player who is constantly checking our commendation progress on waypoint and working with others to improve it.

No lone wolves, we want social players who will group with us daily.

If you’re looking for a company that is very serious about getting the armor and helmet look no further. Those who are interested need to message me and get some games in with me today to verify that they are a good fit. Check our company commendation stats, we are the real deal and we expect you to be too.

Decapatata- Lieutenant for We Need Ac9illes

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