wmv encode recordings?

I was wondering if there will ever be an update sometime in the future that will allow recordings made in theater mode to be encoded to .wmv (or .avi or .asf or whatever format that is decided to be used). This would be a very useful feature to those who like to upload clips to youtube or make machinima. Now if this feature already exists, you have every right to laugh at me (and lock/delete this topic, if you are an admin), I just cant find anything like it even though I have searched the internet high and low. Thanks

I don’t think there will be an update for that, they should really make it possible in future Halo titles.

Sure would save ME some time.

They have multiple gametypes, maps and spartan-ops missions to work on in addition to actually listening to the community for once. I highly doubt they’ll be touching the theater mode in any way before 2014, and even then it’ll be to add it for Campaign and Spartan-Ops.

didn’t halo reach have this feature?

Yes, Reach had it. You could access your File Share via Waypoint and DL your clips into whatever format you wanted.

343 should do that for this along with balancing the weapons